Mileage of Ford Focus

Ford Focus continues to be one of the most popular hatchback cars in the U.K.

Its main attractive factors are it affordability, compact design, rewarding drive and excellent fuel economy or mileage. One must not expect driving thrills out of it but it is pretty decent to drive. Targeted for small budget buyers, Ford Focus continues to steal hearts.

This car is available in four trim levels with apt features. With mileage being Focus’ major highlight let us have a look at what others have got to say.

Reviews on mileage of Ford Focus

Dailytech [dot] com says Ford Focus can be termed as the Super Fuel economy car that achieves 28 mpg in the city and 40 mpg on the highways as its mileage. The combined mileage could be stated to be 34 mpg. The 2.0 litre direct injection inline-four engine produces an impressive 160 horse power. In order to attain the best fuel economy from Focus, Ford has given a dual clutch PowerShift transmission, active grille shutters to improve aerodynamic efficiency and 16 inch wheels with aero covers. The all new Ford Focus meets the mileage expectations, has got class leading technology and features and exceptional standards of craftsmanship.

Stevenlarkins [dot] freeuk [dot] com says that the mileage of the new 1.6 TDCI Ford Focus is amongst the best in its class. We manage to get a mileage between 55 mpg and 58 mpg on a mixture of 50 miles of motorway journey and the school runs often through traffic congestions. Ford focus is one of the most economical cars to run and amongst the cheapest small cars to own. It has also got low emissions that make Ford Focus a ‘green car’.

Content [dot] usatoday [dot] com says that the regular models with automatic transmissions have got an EPA rated 28 mpg mileage in the city and 38 mpg mileage on highways, making the combined mileage of Ford Focus to be 31 mpg. The manual transmission models of Ford Focus give a mileage of 26 mpg in the city, 36 on highways making a combined mileage of 30 mpg. The Ford Focus that comes with the Super Fuel Economy package gives a magical mileage of 40 on the highways and 28 in the city.

Mileage of Ford Focus: The final verdict

Keeping in mind all the points and the new changes in the Ford Focus we can conclude by saying that Ford Focus is ones of the most fuel efficient cars in the UK automobile market which is also low on maintenance and is best suited for a happy small family. The mileage of Ford Focus can be stated to be between 28 to 38 mpg.

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