Mileage of Honda Activa

Activa, the sensational gearless scooter by Honda created a huge revolution in the gearless two wheeler market. This is one scooter that gives the required comfort while driving and sitting through long distances.

With its launch in the market it created great buzz and more and more people start buying this gearless two wheeler. People of all ages have loved this vehicle.

With great popularity Honda Activa recorded very high sales too. Recently this spectacular vehicle has undergone certain styling changes which have made it appear more beautiful than ever before. Its engine is powered with 110 cc displacement that performs very well on all kinds of roads. The Honda Activa mileage is also one of its USP. This gearless scooter is available in a wide color range options such as candy lucid grey, geny grey metallic, force silver metallic, black, pearl sunbeam white and wild purple metallic.

Honda Activa mileage reviews

Automobileupdates[dot]com says this gearless two-wheeler Honda Activa mileage has come out to be 40 to 50 kilometers per liter which is quite good. The engine of this scooter has a long life and its build quality is excellent and completely reliable is what they have got to say.

Infibeam[dot]com gives 4 star rating to Activa. They tested the mileage of Honda Activa to be 45-50 kilometers per liter in the long run. They say Activa has got an overall sleek aerodynamic design that provides increased fuel economy. This vehicle surely meets the latest emission norms. They feel this scooter appeals to all youngsters as a personal choice and as an ideal city commute. The Activa Scooter has a neat look along with a great rev-up and acceleration.

The official website, hondaactiva[dot]in says Honda Activa mileage is tested to be 52 kilometers per liter as per HMSI test conditions. They also say that the Activa users report its mileage to be 45 kilometers per liter in the city and 50 kilometers per liter on highways. With the launch of the new stylized Honda Activa, the company says its mileage has gone up further by 15 percent!

Naaptol[dot]com says Honda Activa sets “heart on race and wheel on fire”. They have given this vehicle 4 out of 5 stars saying “the active sports a super silent, low vibration engine which provides fatigue free riding even after long periods of extended use. They say the mileage of Honda Activa is reportedly at least 40 kilometers per liter of mileage.

Honda Activa Mileage: The final verdict

All in all, we give Honda Activa thumbs up! This vehicle is not going to disappoint you. When it comes to the mileage of Honda Activa we can say it is between 45-50 kilometers per liter. It will continue to impress people of all ages with its smooth driving experience, comfort in sitting and great fuel efficient performance.

26 comments to Mileage of Honda Activa

  • Rahul Mishra

    Hi everyone, Honda activa is a good to drive but average of this vehicle is 40 km in city and 48 in highway. I think that it is easy to drive but according to average it is poor than other. My friend who purchased this vehicle he is not well confirmed about this vehicle. My Honda aviator gives 53km average mileage in city and 57km on highway so i think that aviator is better than Honda Activa

  • sahil vohra

    honda activa is good looking

  • ranjit kr shah

    I wanted to purchase new Honda Activa Please tell its price and millage per liter. I purchase from Siliguri please inform delar name at Siliguri and I get with in a two weaks or not.

  • Ravi

    I wanted to purchase new Honda Activa Please tell its price and millage per liter. I purchase from himachal please inform delar name at Himachal and I get with in a two weaks or not.

  • neeraj shukala

    activa is very good scooty
    but i have no idea their milage
    please inform me milage

  • pushpendra

    I want to purchase aviator tell its price and mileage per liter i purchase from rajasthan.

  • ajay shanker pandey

    aviator is better than honda activa why tell me on my Email ID

  • ajay shanker pandey

    I want to purchase aviator tell its price and mileage per liter I purchase from Gurgaon

  • Vishal Vashishta

    Aviator is better then Activa in sense of Looks, mileage, comfortable , ease for handling, rest mileage is also better (for ALL).

    It has bigger wheels than any machine in this category, that gives more comfortable and confident drive throughout. Storage space and fuel tank is of 6 liters again best in range.
    Mileage is 50-55 kmpl.
    Over all status: Must Go For It…type.


    my activa scooter, 2001, is not passing PUC since long time. average has fallen to 33 kms/litre in delhi. company website has no email address where i can post my complaints. can somebody give me tel nos of company’s service engineer at west delhi whom i can contact for redressal of my problem.

  • suyash

    i want to purchase a scooty and i am planning to get an activa or aviator and i am confused which to buy plz tell me!!!!!i also wanted to know that activa has steel body but i did not know about aviator plz let me know this also??????

  • Vadivel

    I own a honda active…… i dont know exactly it is about 38 – 42…. for my freind it is 35 only…. At starting it gave only 28, but after some days it starts giving 40 or above….. It is totally depends on how you ride the bike(activa) in initial periods….. so ride in average (40kmph) then it’ll surely give you 40

  • Chirag

    I have bought a new honda activa i have heard that you have to drive it upto the speed of 35-40 till the first service..please help me


    I thing mahindra flyte is best compare than both honda activa and avitar.. because flyte is 125cc engine but it gives 41 km in city and 47 kmpl on high way.. and also performance is amazing compared than others… i love my bike;)

  • amit

    hi………..aviator is vary bad bike and very costly but honda activa is vary good good bike and milage givan 50-55 for high way and city 45-50 so pusrchae honda activa baki sab bakwas

  • Shubham

    I am planning to buy a scooty.plz tell me that which one good in mileage activa or aviator.plz send information on my id.

  • Shubham

    Tell me the mileage of honda activa and aviator

  • harshini

    I am planning to buy an activa n i will have to but it from bangalore pls tell me about the mileage n the price of the scooter.

  • Bunny Rocks

    I am planning to Buy honda activa in karimnagar or Hyderabad .can you plea advise
    which place is better to buy and provide mileage and cost on road details

  • imran

    my cousin activa is 4 years old and its average per litre of fuel is only 35 km

    how I can increase this average

  • deb

    I want to purchase very soon honda aviator or activa which will be the best for riding. Please tell me what is the price of those in jharkhand state and the who is the dealer in dhanbad district.

  • khan

    Hi, I purchase honda activa 3 month before. i had very good experience. pls don’t buy. activa look’s very good. but its very bad in side. and not good mileage only 30km/pl and service is very very bad in thousand light branch didar motor when you give service they spoil your vechicle in serviece centre and the worker are very rood. and they don’t deliver on time. if you ask they will crach your vechicle. if you want take a chance. pls take it

  • somnath hazra, Jalpaiguri, W.B.

    I have purchased activa (Honda) recently. Riding very comfortable & smooth .Well.

  • somnath hazra, Jalpaiguri, W.B.

    I love my activa very well also my son srijan, age of five. he used to go to and fro with its. he wants to ride it very soon.

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