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Honda Unicorn mileage

Honda Unicorn is a great performing and very popular bike in the Indian automobiles market. It has many great features and excellent performing engine with the trust of a loyal brand. Its pros and ample and cons are hard to find. Unicorn comes in three enticing colours. They are forced silver metallic, pearl seina red and black. With such beautiful colour range and a trustworthy brand’s great reputation what a user expects from this bike is what he gets.

Honda Unicorn mileage reviews

Automobile [dot] psyphil [dot] com says the new Honda Unicorn is one bike that’s got a very smooth engine giving a powerful performance.

Its efficiency increases the speed in a smooth fashion and the same power is retained on a higher speed too. Under varied heat conditions too, the engine delivers the same power. The two way air jacket in the bike gives maximum cooling. Unicorn gets racing from 0 to 60 kilometres per hour in just 5 seconds and goes to a maximum speed of 110 kilometres per hour. Braking, handling and riding all are very smooth experiences. The mileage too of Unicorn is great. It delivers a very good mileage of 60 to 65 kilometres per litre.

Automobileupdates [dot] com too has great things to say about the Honda Unicorn. They say that the bike has a string engine and beautiful design. It delivers excellent performance and mileage and the pickup is also exceptionally good. The bike has got sleek graphics and a smart design. The only drawback in its styling is the lack of digital instruments. The speedometer too seems to be quite large. The fuel tank is flat and looks smart. The fuel efficiency or the mileage delivered by Honda Unicorn is between 53 and 58 kilometres per litre.

Priceindia [dot] com states Honda Unicorn to be a sporty and macho bike. They say the 150 cc powered engine is a great performer and sport alloy wheels give it the edge over other bikes. The front disc brakes guarantee the required safety and the mono suspension system give a confident and smooth ride on any surface. Aerodynamic body of the bike makes it look attractive too. The mileage of Honda Unicorn is again counted among its USPs. It gives a mileage of about 60 kilometres per litre which is great.

Honda Unicorn mileage: The final verdict

Having many advocators to boast for it, Unicorn is definitely a hugely successful bike by Honda. Be it looks, performance or mileage, Unicorn steals the show away. We can conclude by saying that with an excellent mileage of about 55 to 65 kilometres per litre, Honda Unicorn becomes the best choice in the 150 cc engine bikes segment.

5 comments to Honda Unicorn mileage

  • zubair

    my bike honda unicon gives mailaege only 45. wat should i do. plz help me

    • Prasad Acharekar

      Dear Zubair,

      This may be because of poor driving skill. Keep below points in mind to improve mileadge.
      Top speed do not cross 55km/h at 5th gear.
      When u r in 1,2,3 or in 4th gear & u want to increase ur speed do not excelarate just change gear for next & increase speed.
      At signals switch off engine.

      I got near about 55km/ltr in Mumbai (in heavy traffiq)

  • Ratan Barot

    i need to buy a bike, but confused regarding selection of bikes between honda unicorn 150cc and hero honda CBZ Xtream Pls, any one give me the suggestion on these what to do …..

  • Vivek Singh Chauhan

    I m very confused to by a bike i need best mileage in 150 cc bike segment but i m confused between
    1- Honda Unicorn
    2- Tvs Apache 160 rtr
    3- Hero Xtreme
    4- Baja Pulsar 150
    5- Yamaha SX-Z

    1-Honda Shine
    2-Yamaha 125 ss
    3-Bajaj 125 st

    which one is the best in both 150 cc and 125 cc segment
    So please help me to choice to buy me a bike plz

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