Mileage of Hyundai i10

Hyundai i10 is considered to be one of the most sensational hatchbacks of recent times. It has been rated as the best selling model of Hyundai in India.

It has even outsold the very popular model Santro by Hyundai and is fast capturing the Indian markets. Its compact design is best suited for Indian roads.

Due to its cost efficient price small families love this hatchback. Its overall performance, 1197 cc engine and comfort are considered to be the USP of i10. This car has 9 variants. Hyundai has given due importance to the safety features too of i10. This hatchback is available in a good color range.

Hyundai i10 Mileage review

According to gaadi[dot]com the mileage of Hyundai i10 is 16 kilometers per liter. The car is satisfactorily fuel efficient. Keeping in mind its overall performance has given 4 star rating to i10.

Zigwheels says “the i10 is one of the best hatchbacks in the market. It is a refined vehicle that is quite spacious and well designed”. According to them Hyundai i10 deserves 4 star rating. They too tested claimed the mileage of i10 to be 16 kilometers per liter. The upside to this hatchback, they believe, is its peppy engine, i-link gearbox, great driving pleasure and ergonomics.

Autos[dot]maxabout[dot]com says Hyundai i10 is definitely “much better than A-star”. Again they believe this hatchback is capable of 4 star rating. They say the Hyundai i10’s mileage is 17 kilometers per liter.

The official website of Hyundai has something more to say for i10. They claim the BSIV compliant 1.2 Kappa engine of i10 has a spectacular mileage of 19.81 kilometers per liter. They say this is the best in class ARAI-certified fuel efficiency among petrol cars in India.

Mileage of Hyundai i10: final verdict

Hence in a nutshell, we can conclude that Hyundai i10’s mileage can be stated to be anywhere between 16-18 kilometers per liter making it quite a coveted car in today’s times.

29 comments to Mileage of Hyundai i10

  • Raj

    Initially i was having a concern for mileage. But then i started fine tuning my driving style. Now I’m constantly getting a mileage of around 17km/ltr with A/c for short day to day trips.
    I even obtained a mileage of 26.5km/ltr for a long trip of 400km.

    – Always keep a full tank petrol
    – never go beyond 2000rpm
    – always keep speed around 60km maximum
    – keep correct Tyre pressure
    – ask petrol outlet person to fill “slowly”
    – use A/c judiciously
    – avoid unnecessary brakes and acceleration..
    Finally – keep a cool head while behind the wheels!

    • Sanjay Nair

      Dear Raj,

      I completely agree with you. My i10 gives me 14-15 in mumbai city driving (i dive 85 kms a day) daily with AC on. On cross state travel of almost 1300 kms from mumbai to kerala, my car has given me an average of 22-23 kms/litre fully loaded with family and luggage and with AC on.

      The tips are completely justified, experimented and proven. Only a slight change…i drive at 75-85 kmph :))

  • ecat

    The average kmpl i am getting in city driving is only 7 Kms and on highway it gives about 18.I would rate this as bad and the dealer says its normal.all your above claims of kmpl is rather builtup stories.the vehicle and its performance is much to be desired.please watchout for streetdogs,hitting them would result in total damage to your i10 frontage and end up with around Rs.7500/- expenditure.alas I am a victim of tall claim advertisements by HYNDAI

  • Vikrant


    I bought i10 and currently used 2350 KM.Average is 12-13KMPL.Only first service I have done fromHyundai. Can i know how much mileage can i expect???

  • kirubakaran

    Hi. i am kirubakaran . I bought my i10 in chennai.I got transfer to coimbatore. I am also one of the person who is cheated through the catchy advertisement.

    Only SHARUK KHAN can able to fill the tank for i10, because it will dry as soon as possible.

    Very low mileage. My kind request not to go for i10, instead u can go for vv or honda jazz better.

  • soumya

    I also own an Hyundai I 10 which is around 18 Months old . I dont think no I 10 gives 17-18km/lt in heavy city traffic condition . I generally gets an average of 12 km/lt in city condition with A/C on .

  • Chakkravarthy

    I have bought i10 with kappa engine, I got average of 15km in city with AC. I think it is the best car. Good driving gives Good milage

  • P.S.G

    My Hyundai Magna 1.2 Kappa gives a mileage of only about 12 KMPL with A/C On, in city traffic conditions.

    Before someone starts talking about bad driving habits and doubtful petrol quantity filled at Indian petrol pumps, let me tell you this is my second hatchback, I used to get almost 19 KMPL from my previous, similar, hatchback.

    And it is pointless to talk about ARAI certifications as such efficiency is NEVER achieved in real life situations. There should be a more realistic, live traffic, meant for Indian road kind of relevant certification for Indian buyers.

    I have driven about 3600 KMs so far, regularly serviced by Hyundai dealer, any buyers?


    I purchased i10 Sportz in this Mid July and have so far run 1600 Kms. Done the first service. Prior to and after First Service in Ahmedabad City conditions running with A/c, am getting an average of round about 12 kmpl. Is it ok ? Expecting to give around 14 kmpl under the said conditions. Is it possible ?

  • Murugesh

    I purchaesd i10 Magna. It gives 16 km/l in local driving and it gives around 17.5 Km/l in long drive. It is best car. Ask the service engineer to tune for more milage.

  • Ramachandran

    This month I had a trip to kerala from Chennai to Kerala by i10 Magna 2008 model and covered about 2500 Km in one week. I got an average mileage of about 15 Km per Litre with A/c. The speed of driving varied from 60 Km per Hr to 100 Km per Hour depending on road condition. Average speed was about 70 Km per Hour. In the city of Chennai I ma getting a mileage of about 9 Km per Litre only as the car generally is driven in third gear.


  • Suddha Satta Ray

    I have to negotiate through dense and slow Bangalore traffic almost everyday.
    AC is sparingly used and get around 11.9 kmpl. Too bad I would say.

  • Prashant

    Hi, I dont agree i10 will give more than 13KMPL, i had seen i10 owners crying in front of milage.

  • I am getting an average of 15/16kmpl which is not bad either for always used.Very effiecient ac.Good car for this price.

  • Mr BK sinha

    Complaint to Customer care(HMIL)

    I have purchased an I 10 Car from Hans Hyundai DL 10 CA 2995 on 19-02-2010 with third year warranty on payment of Rs. 2500 extra which was running successfully except Mileage of 10 km/liter. I always complaint to service centre but no fruitful result came. On query, it was told that this version of HMIL will give such mileage only. After expiry of two years, one day the vehicle took breakdown/stopped in road. I called the road assistance of Insurance Cover and get the vehicle delivered to Agency named-MGF in Mayapuri, Delhi. Where it was told that its clutch /Plate worn out with KM 13000/- only. It is not understood that how the clutch/plate may worn out on only 13000/ KM. On query it was told that this is misuse & clutch was always on pressure of leg. I told that I have two cars also. One from Maruti (Wagon R) & other from Toyota (Etios-G) & both are running well. The version Maruti Wagon R was up to 60000/ Km but its clutch/plate remained in tact whereas My three sons and myself have learnt the driving on this vehicle but no defect came up to 4 years. Then the agency told that we cannot comment on it. After I gone website for Reviews of the Vehicle I-10 found that the vehicle is not fit for Indian road being its clutch/plate are not of so good quality. Then I may ask the HMIL the following;-

    1. When the manufacturing coy knows that the I-10 is manufactured clutch/plate with low quality material, why the coy is not taking response to get the repair the vehicle free of cost, Why this cost goes to the customers.

    2. When the vehicle provides low mileage but the coy is claiming 21 Km. Why the proper checking is not carried out by the coy as well as the service centre.
    3. If the vehicle is not in a position to get manufactured well, why the coy is not closing its version.
    4. It is requested with the HMIL that who will be responsible for such type of loss and harassment in road/journey. Now, we fear to go with the vehicle any where even two or three Km also.

    5. The HMIL may check the part which is also kept in my house till today.

    6. If the Toyota and other manufacturing coy may got their vehicle repaired free of cost, then why the HMIL is not doing the same for the customers.

    Yours faithfully,

    (BK Sinha)

  • Rajaji

    Hi, folks whatever the persons told above stating more than 13km/l is all built up stories or they don’t know how to calculate. I request them not to mislead the community. Please don’t talk about driving habits or other things irresponsibly. everyone knows(atleast 99%) what is good driving. So be prompt and honest when communicating any matters to the community. I also want to say one more thing is please respect the people and community. I own i10 Kappa 1.2 Sportz since Nov 2009 and my final conclusion is this i10 gives maximum 13Km/L in city traffic condition and upto 18Km/L on highway driving. Its a best, stable and comfortable hatch back compared to other in class. I have finished 40,000Kms and this is what all i can say. wish you all good luck. Thank you for your time and support.

    Rajendra Kumar

  • Pankaj

    I have bought i10 Magna last year, currently it is giving 11kmpl in city with AC ON. Company has claimed over 19kmpl. Comfort wise it is very good, but very poor average I guess it delivers. Planning to change to some diesel variant.

  • Rocky

    Mileage is too bad, i am getting only 10-12kms/Ltr in city and and 13.5 on Highways.! Not a fuel efficient car.


    hi friends, if some one is claiming that the i10 is giving more than 13 in city road condition then it is not true. i have i10 sportz kappa2 engine and getting 12 in city road and 15 on highways.

  • ChennaKesavulu

    Hi All,

    I bought my i10 in 2010 Jan. I have been getting 11-12 KMS/Litre in City traffic with 50% A/C. On highways I got 15KMS/Litre, but I drove at around 120 KMPH speed with full AC. I saw people wrote that they got 22-23 KMPL. This is impossible and these stories are written by Hyundai people I suspect.
    Someone wrote in city traffic he is getting 17KMPL which is impossible.

  • raju

    Mileage is below 15 km /litre

  • Shantanu

    I brought i10 Sportz 6 month back. Last month I travel around 1600 km from West Bengal to Odisha.i obtained a mileage of 21.5km/ltr for without AC and 18.5km/ ltr with AC.
    • Always keep full tank petrol. Whenever become half immediately fill the tank
    • Drive in between 60-80 km
    • Never go beyond 2000rpm

  • Lakshay ßhardwaj

    awesum car itz givin an avg of 15-16. One of d best Hatchback car

  • nithin

    Hi guys,
    I own an i10 magna kappa series 2012 model. The mileage i get is usually around 13-15km. Once i got 17km mileage and tat too i had to keep my speed below 70km/hr without any gear shift and braking on a high way. Mileage wise i am really unsatisfied with my i10.

  • Sachin

    I purchased i10 1.2 Sportz in April 13. Initially it gave me milage of 14kmpl. So I got it tested from dealer for milage. They have a kit for testing milage. They disconnected fuel tank & connected the engine to a external plastic vessel with some mechanism. We filled the vessel with 3 ltr petrol from a pump. Then we drove the car with AC OFF for about 17kms & measured the fule consumption as the vessel has scale engraved on it. The result was 25kmpl. But even after that in real condition I never got milage above 13-14kmpl.

  • Shafath Baig

    I have hyudai i10 2011 model Magna.
    Its Mileage is just too bad, i am still surprised that how did it won the car of the year reward. it has the sicked mileage which is around 6-7 kms per litre. I highly recommend that no1 in the world should go for this car. Like i am regretting, i hope no1 else should get his feeling. Poor Mileage.

  • Dr. Kiran Patil

    I bought Hyundai i-10 sportz in Nov. 2015.I am getting mileage ( in Pune City) of about 14-15 km/liter and highway( I mostly traveled from Pune to Kolhapur or Mumbai) 22 km/lit
    Good car indeed..!

  • Gaurav Kumar

    I bought a I10 sport models it runs around 3500 km and it gives mileage of 16 on highways on 50% AC. which is not good as per company declare so not fuel efficiency car.

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