Mileage of Swift Petrol

The very popular Maruti Suzuki Swift is one of the largest selling hatchbacks of recent times.

Its off beat design, styling and looks had stolen many hearts. Maruti had set a benchmark for many automobile companies and put up a new standard in the hatchback market. Many companies tried to ape the design or launch cars with similar design but none gained the amount of popularity Swift gained.

This beautiful car is available in some striking shades which are solid bright red, metallic garnet orange, pearl metallic arctic white, metallic ozone blue, metallic silky silver, metallic iridium gold, metallic azure grey and metallic midnight black. The USP, apart from good looks is the mileage of Swift Petrol. The petrol version of Swift has a few variants namely LXI, VXI, VXI(ABS) AND ZXI.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Petrol mileage reviews

Gaadi[dot]com gives a clear 4 out of 5 stars to Swift Petrol. The mileage of Swift Petrol according to them is 17.7 kilometers per liter which is very good. The car, they say, zooms up to a maximum speed of a whooping 160 kilometers per hour. This website is enamored by the amazing features of the car including power windows, power door locks, power steering, cup holders, folding rear seat, rear wash wiper, tubeless tyres, central locking, tachometer, front fog lights and rear defroster.

The safety features in the car include anti lock breaking system, immobilizer and air bags for driver as well as the passenger.

Downhub[dot]com says the new Swift 2010 petrol with K series engine has proved in test labs to deliver great mileage. The mileage of Swift petrol goes up to 18 kilometers per liter. The main advantages of the K series 1298 cc petrol engine are its fuel efficiency and pollution control feature is what they have got to say.

Bsmotoring[dot]com says that the Swift petrol’s Esteem-derived 1298 cc inline four produces 87 Bhp at 6000 rpm and 11.3 kgm at 4500 rpm. The Maruti Suzuki Swift mileage according to them has come up to 14 kilometers per liter on city roads. The main advantage of the petrol engine they say is its noiseless performance.

Carindia[dot]com clearly states that the mileage of Swift petrol comes to 15.6 kilometers per liter. They say Swift has more than its fair share of silicon livery under its hood. This intricate network of processors controls everything on the Swift. The suspension is tuned to be taut and sporty. This means that handling and feedback are brilliant. The Swift leads the charge in the occupant safety stakes by being the first hatchback in the country to have front air bags in its specification sheet.

 Mileage of Maruti Suzuki Swift petrol: the final verdict

Swift is a sure winner in the hands of Maruti Suzuki. This hatchback is here for long innings. The Maruti Suzuki Swift petrol mileage on roads is 14-17 kilometers per liter which is quite good. The design, performance and looks of Swift petrol can sweep anyone off their feet. This hugely selling car is all set to break all records and set a new standard of what a hatchback is all about.

5 comments to Mileage of Swift Petrol

  • Kumara Swamy

    Very valuable infomation about Swift.


  • Arun K Dhiman

    After using Swift, i think there is no question of mileage as we get the combo of power and sophistication in the same package.The “NO Comparision car” is drawing a mileage of 16.5kmpl(highway + hills) and 17.5kmpl on highway only.thats pretty good. I’v heard that the mileage of Swift is lesser because of its powerfull engine( 1298CC) but amazingly, it is giving a beautiful mileage.Hats off to Maruti Suzuki’s invention of Swift…


  • Nilesh Jain

    Sir , Can you please suggest me a Family Car .I have to choose from 2 cars
    * Maruti Alto K10
    * Maruti Swift LXI

    My Avg. running per month will be max 400-500 kms .That also will be too high i think.

    My choice is Maruti Alto K 10 VXI

    & My wife choice is Maruti Swift LXI/VXI

    Please reply what to do.


    Nilesh Jain
    Aurangabad(Maharashtra )

  • Sijo

    Hi Nilesh….

    Recently I bought a Swift LXi model; it is a very nice carr…In my opinion, pls go ahead with Swift; because once you bought a car which is small in size you would felt like to buy a big one….also comparing interms of mileage and power; there is not much difference as Alto K10 powered by 1000cc engine and Swift owned 1200cc engine. But once we considered the power to weight ratio, the net output almost same :)…..and the most unique fact is that Swift surely gives you a upperhand in road both in performance and also in appearence…So, we can infer that Swift is one of the premium luxury car and K10 is an ordinary one (under 5 lakhs price tag)

  • Prashant Kumar

    my swift petrol variant 2010 model

    gives a average of 10-11 km/litres
    in city because of brakes and then accelerate
    then brake

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