Money plant care

Money plant or Pachira Aquatica is a native plant of South America. According to Feng Shui this plants brings wealth and fortune. This plant is easily available in Asia too. On every branch a money plant has five leaves and forms a braided tree. Feng Shui is followed mostly in Asia so this plant is quite popular here. As this plant is considered very auspicious and fortune bringer taking proper care of this plant is also very important to ensure it grows in a healthy way.

Money plant care tips

Money plant doesn’t need any special weather conditions to thrive. It survives easily in normal city and weather conditions. A healthy money plant grows up to 12 feet long but on an average it does grow up to 7 feet.

No expensive care is demanded by the plant and its maintenance is not a tough task. For taking good care of your money plant, you need to know some very important tips. These tips are given below.

Pot for your money plant

This is the first thing that you have to consider when you decide to grow a money plant at home. This size of the pot depends on what size you wish to grow your plant. You might need to re-pot your plant as the growth takes place very fast. The pot must be of an optimum size and neither too small nor too big. A small pot can become a hindrance in its growth and a too big pot can become cumbersome when re-potting.

Soil for you money plant

A soil that has good aeration and drainage is best suited for money plant. Mix river sand and normal potting soil and you can get great soil for you money plant’s growth. You could also opt for high pearlite content soil. They grow well in slightly moist soil.

Watering your money plant

When provided with adequate amount of water money plant grows healthy and fast. Over watering can cause great harm to you much loved plant; so avoid it at all costs. Watering your money plant once every 7 to 10 days is sufficient in normal weather conditions. You must judge when to water next by looking at the condition of the soil. Never wait until the soil starts to crack up. This would mean your plant is dying for water. Never be too late or too soon in watering your money plant. If the soil seems to be moist enough do not water it again. A good judgement is therefore needed to estimate when your plants needs water next.

Lighting conditions for your money plant

Money plant can both grow indoors or outdoors. Your plant needs both sunlight and shade for its optimum growth. So provide it alternatively. Harsh sunlight or too much of shade and darkness is bad for the health of a money plant.

Other needs of your money plant

Although the plant doesn’t need any special care or attention but a little special care can be really helpful for the health of your money plant. Providing liquid fertilizers after every few days is a great way to make sure your plant is in a healthy state. Protection of you plant from extreme cold is very important. Regular spray of pesticide will protect your money plant from the attack of pests and insects.

So take good care of your money plant and see it grow healthy and long.

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