Nose bleeds in children during sleep

Nosebleeds technically do not have any fixed time for their occurrence.

They can occur at possibly any time. In children, nosebleed is witnessed more often. Most of the people in their childhood have at least once experienced nosebleeds. Nosebleed in children is not necessarily a result of an injury or trauma in the nose, face or head, but can occur without giving a reason solid enough.

Reasons for nosebleeds in children

There are many reasons why a nosebleed would occur. Nosebleeds are basically the result of a broken blood vessel in the lining of the nose. They occur most commonly during cold and congestion. They can occur due to blowing of nose very forcefully or excessively. Many a times the air becomes dry (this especially happens in the winters) and causes the nose to bleed. In such a case lack of humidifier is considered to be reason behind the nosebleed. Nosebleeds also occur due to excessive heat. It is therefore important to cool your child’s room.

Nosebleeds in children typically require some medical attention to ensure that the reason behind the nosebleed is not alarming. Frequent nose bleed in children might be because of the reason that their nose blood vessels are weak enough to be ruptured easily. In such a case the doctor may choose to seal off the vessels using heat or any other non-complex treatment.

Nosebleeds in children during sleep

Waking up at night with a nosebleed can most definitely scare the child. He/she may get very upset with frequent night nosebleeds. The child could cry or even scream due to getting frightened. In such a case the parents need to calm down their child. If the child is too young to understand, diverting his/her mind from the incident could be enough. For a little older child making them understand that this isn’t something to be worried about and that the child will be alright in no time will comfort the child.

Stopping nosebleeds in children during sleep

There are few ways through which you can stop the nosebleeds in children during sleep.

  • If you notice your child blowing off nose too frequently, tell him/her not to. As this could be the reason for the nosebleed.
  • Sticking up things in the nose to get rid of any itchiness must be stopped at all costs.
  • Although it is not a very usual thing but the reason behind the nosebleed could be hypertension and high blood pressure too. So check with the doctor about it.
  • In case of nosebleed tell the child to lie down and keep his/her head on a lower base to stop the flow of blood.
  • Give a raw onion to the child and ask him/her to smell it. The smell of the onion helps stop nosebleed.
  • The nosebleed could be occurring due to excessive heat. In such a case put cool water on the child’s head.
  • If the child bleeds profusely and nothing is helping seek doctor’s advice immediately.
  • If frequent nosebleeds occur, it is extremely important for you to take your child to the doctor and get him/her diagnosed.

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