Nursery Schools in Noida

Amongst the many reputed high schools of Noida, Nursery schools of Noida too hold good reputations. Noida has a number of nursery schools that impart innovative and even e-learning based education. At a young age itself the nursery schools in Noida emphasise on e- learning making children comfortable with the ever growing technology. In the science and gadget- savvy world it is very important to be technology friendly for everyone and what better age than start with some technology lessons at a small age when the mind is like wet clay which can be moulded in to any shape.

The nursery schools in Noida give security to parents in terms of the development of the child both emotionally and mentally. The parents are ever worrying about their child when they are small and what will be better than a nursery school where the child is busy learning, playing and doing constructive things. Nursery schools in Noida provide many facilities to the little kids:

  • Interactive toys
  • Colourful school campus
  • Tight Security
  • Play area
  • Activity area
  • Art and Craft
  • Dance and Music
  • Computer education
  • Light curriculum
  • Attractive uniforms
  • Friendly and qualified teachers

Admission and Fee details of Nursery Schools in Noida

The fee charged by nursery schools in Noida ranges between Rs1200- Rs 2000 per month. Admissions start in the month of November.

List of Nursery Schools in Noida

Brooklyn School

B-126, Sector26, Noida

Ph: 0120-2539655, 4265779

Buds Nursery School

D-8, Sector-26, Noida

Ph: 0120-4552032

Little Pearls School

Sector 29, Noida

Ph: 0120-2450525

ABC Montessori School

D-94/B, Sect-55, Noida

Ph: 0120-4575445, 9873539445

Ananda Nursery School

C-30/3, Institutional Area, Sect-62, Noida

Ph: 0120-6479666/7


Step by Step School

Sect-132, Noida

Ph: 0120-4749300

The Little Scholar Play School

A-687A, Sect-19, Noida

Ph: 0120-6512277, 4354424, 9811342002


Pride Pre-Nursery School

A-197A, Sect-19, Noida

Ph: 0120-2362896, 2363404

Jingle Bells Nursery School

Sect-12, Noida

Ph: 0120-4541877

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