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Pain in heel of foot

Heel pain in foot is very discomforting.

A lot of people face this problem at both young and old ages. Once a person faces such a problem it is very important to go to a doctor and diagnose the reason behind the pain in heel of foot. Any delay in visiting the doctor can aggravate the problem further.

Reasons for pain in heel of foot

There are many reasons why pain in heels may develop. They are

  • Plantar Fasciitis: This is the most common reason among all for pain in heels of foot. At the arch of the foot are present some tight tissues. Any irritation and inflammation in those tissues is a result of this plantar fasciitis. The symptoms include pain in prolonged walking or standing.
  • Heel Spur: This is associated with the above mentioned problem, Plantar Fasciitis and is again witnesses in people who are in to a profession that requires long standing hours.
  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome: When the large nerve at the back of the foot becomes entrapped or pinched this problem develops.
  • Stress Fractures: This problem is more commonly seen in athletes and long distance runners. It develops due to stress fractures of the calcaneus.
  • Posterior Heel Pain: This problem triggers pain behind the foot and not necessarily beneath the foot.

When to go to the doctor for pain in heel of foot?

This is a very important question that might arise in many heel pain patients. They seem to wonder when the right time to visit the doctor is. Estimating it might be a little difficult. The signs that send warning signals that it is time to visit the doctor are given below.

  • Inability in walking due to the intensity of the pain.
  • The heel pain in the foot continues even at night or while resting.
  • The history of pain dates back to months or years.
  • Pain in heel of foot is accompanied by redness, sharp pain, inflammation, fever or any other symptom.

Treatments for pain in heel of foot

The treatment of such a pain depends on the reason behind the problem. Therefore the most important step is to find out the reason behind the pain in heels. Some common treatments to lessen the pain and bring relief are given below.

  • Rest: This is the best way to bring relief to the painful heels of the feet. If you’ve been running around from quite some time and have been constantly bearing the pain, it’s time for some rest now.
  • Applying ice packs: Applying ice packs bring instant relief to the paining heel. This might therefore be a great way of bringing immediate relief to the pain.
  • Exercises: There are certain exercises that are helpful and specialised in bringing relief to the pain in heel. Consulting an expert or a doctor is advisable to know more about such exercises.
  • Medications: Some medications are dedicated to healing from the pain in heels. Taking such medicines is only advisable after consulting your doctor.
  • Shoe inserts: There are some shoe inserts available in the markets that bring great relief to paining heels. They must be used after consulting the doctor.
  • Changing shoe type: Changing the kind of foot wear you’ve been wearing over the years may also come out to be a great way to bring relief to the painful heel. There are few special kinds of shoes that are designed to decrease the pain in the heels. Again doctor’s consultation is a must here.

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