Polyps in nose

Polyps in nose are the abnormal growth of tissue inside the nasal passage and sinuses. Sinuses are basically small spaces that develop in either side of the nose, cheekbones, foreheads or eyes. Nasal polyps can be of varied colours which are pink, grey or yellow.

They vary in size too. The shape of polyps in nose is that of a teardrop. When they grow fully they look like grapes on a stem. Now let’s have a look at the symptoms of polyps in nose.

Symptoms of polyps in nose

There are a few prominent symptoms that could make you alert of the fact that you might too be having polyps in nose. The two main symptoms are blocked or runny nose and a loss of smell and taste. Along with these there are certain other symptoms too that could indicate you having nasal polyps. Common cold is one such symptom. You could be having cold from two to fourteen days continuously if you are suffering from this problem. Polyps won’t be relenting until you seek proper medical advice and follow the treatment. As they grow near the sinuses they could also be causing sinus infection that could lead to pain and tenderness in the face.

Causes behind polyps in nose

The exact cause of polyps in nose is still unknown. With the continuous inflammation and redness in the mucus membrane causes this problem. The reason behind inflammation is still not known. The factors that are responsible for the development of polyps in nose are given below.

  • Asthma
  • Allergic Rhinitis- This happens due to dust mites or animal fur causing sneezing or continuous cold.
  • Aspirin intolerance
  • Cystic Fibrosis- This is a problem when the lungs and digestive system get clogged up with a sticky fluid.

Treatment of polyps in nose

Nasal polyps or polyps in nose can be cured with the help of corticosteroids (steroid medication). They help to shrink the polyps. They are prescribed in the form of either a short course of medication or nasal spray. When these polyps stop responding to medications surgery is needed. There are two kinds of surgeries generally conducted on polyps in nose. They are-

  • Endoscopic sinus surgery- The surgeon in this case removes the polyps by using surgical instruments or laser technique
  • Polypectomy- Through this method the surgeon removes the polyps in nose by using forceps or wire loops

Once they are cured there is no guarantee that they won’t develop again. In case of medication polyps might develop after a few months and in case of surgery after two to three years. People with diseases such as asthma are most likely to contracting recurring polyps in nose.

Who might develop polyps in nose

Although it has not been detected how commonly people contract this problem as in most of the cases polyps go undetected. Polyps are four times more likely to be developed in men than in women. Mostly people above the age of 40 years get affected with polyps in nose. Children with cystic fibrosis might develop this problem too.

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