Ponds white beauty cream

Ponds is a worldwide expert for the face care which has its occurrence in 58 countries with top 3 countries- Japan, Korea and the Us as a strong brand to be used for the face & skin care to consider with. Ponds skin care range is advised for those women who know how to manage their lives and looks.

With the help of state-of-the-art R&D facilities conduct from New York, Tokyo and Mumbai, it creates worldwide beauty products for the sensitive women. The application of leading-edge to face care is Ponds philosophy. They understand the need of the woman’s skin care and by combining this with the technology, Ponds give the results women can feel and see.

From its international steady of skin lightening range of products now, Pond’s, one of the top personal care brands now introduced its very well-achieved blend, White Beauty, it’s very well-liked in South East Asia  and Asian market has lead in this product variety.

Pond’s is a part of Unilever group since 1986, they launch the ‘Pond’s White Beauty Detox’ products that provides a clearly enlighten pink glow.

People use Pond White Beauty cream not just for whitening the skin but also they want their skin to look healthy and pink.

It has detoxifying vitamins B6, vitamin E, and vitamin B3, vitamin C, which reduces the result of the impurities in the surroundings which causes darkness and reduces melanin in the skin; therefore it gives a pure, smooth and glowing skin.

It represents the worldwide expertise of Pond’s in giving unbeatable skincare treatment. Moreover, women in India are looking for the good skincare treatment, which follows as sanitization, moisturizing and toning. This product variety gives all beauty treatment that a woman requires.

The product variety have White Beauty Detox Cleanser which deep cleans the impurities from the skin, the White Beauty Detox Toner which softens out the uneven look of the skin and tightens the open pores too, White Beauty Skin Lightening Cream with Detox vitamin that nourishes the skin from inside, and White Beauty Detox Lotion, which refill skin’s usual wetness level and provides smooth, glowing and pinkish skin.

Pond’s White Beauty Lotion totally nourishes the skin to a glowing pinkish-white shine. This light liquid lotion spreads easily to lighten your skin, moisturize your skin within and leave your skin with a natural glow. Moreover, the lotion gives a triple sun protection to keep your skin safe from damaging UV rays and also even out the texture of the skin.

Pond’s understands women in all over the world and it knows that the true good looks are obtained from love, affection and the reliability of a global skincare product variety. They also offer more product varieties for women like Double White, Botanicals, Age Miracle, and now White Beauty. With its White Detox range, it is truthfully the next generation’s choice of skincare that gives an assurance to give that everlasting blush. So, now you can get a new complexion which you have dreamt of.

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