Prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

It is the symptoms which occur during the pregnancy when our stomach size will start increase. This marks are remain on your body after pregnancy. But if we can take the proper precautions then we can reduce the marks.

Stretch mark Creams

Some creams are available in the market to reduce the marks. We have to apply the cream on the increase portion of our body during the pregnancy. We can apply this cream when we feel that our body size is increases, mostly during the second stage of the pregnancy.

Apply moisturizing creams or lotion but be extra careful in what type of creams you use. To prevent any harmful side effects, stay away from chemical based products or creams. It is advisable to get cream that possesses all natural ingredients that proven effectively prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks during and after pregnancy while strengthening and deeply softening your skin.

Another effective method to avoid pregnancy stretch marks is by massaging your arms, legs, breasts and abdomen gently with special pregnancy stretch mark cream. This should be done twice a day for best results.

But before using any creams on your body contact with your doctor.

Drinking Water to prevent stretch marks

Keep your body and skin hydrated by drinking lot of water during your pregnancy. The greater amount of water the skin can absorb the more elasticity of it will be retained.

Proper diet to prevent stretch marks

You need to add plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet that are rich in silica, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin E. These vitamins and minerals are vital to make your skin stronger when skin breakages occur due to weight gain. It is better to include food that promotes skin health in your diet. Vitamins have a good diet rich in vitamins that help promote skin elasticity. Vitamins that help prevent stretch marks.

Exercise to prevent stretch marks

Carry out regular or mild exercise at least for 1-2 times in a week. However you should not try to perform exercise more than 15 minutes per workout as it can be harmful for you and the baby. Again, check with your doctor first to confirm if you can undertake some mild forms of exercise during your pregnancy.

Body Massage to prevent stretch marks

Massage the body areas where there is possibility of stretch marks to appear. The advantage of gentle massaging is that it gives your skin healthy and natural stretch. In addition, you can use olive oil for massaging which is a good source of Vitamin E. This will keep the skin flexible and prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

Closely monitor your weight and be aware for sudden gain. This is because sudden weight gain or changes can stretch the skin more than its tolerances that cause tearing and scarring. Talk to your physician about the ideal amount of weight you should achieve for your particular body type. If you keep your weight within the desired range, you will be less likely to develop the scars.

All women are different in when their pregnancy symptoms begin or start at all. However, all concerns should always be discussed with your pre-natal care provider in order to ensure a happy, healthy pregnancy.

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