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Pulsar 180 mileage

Bajaj launched its bike Pulsar with the 180 cc engine after the success of Pulsar 150. As the trend goes, Pulsar 180 cc too became an instant hit with the sporty bike lovers. Indian market as such is not much flooded with 180 cc displacement engine bikes and here came in the bike that had already created history in its sales. This ensured the 180 cc bike becoming a huge hit among the other bikes. Hero Honda Hunk, CBZ Xtreme, TVS Apache RTR and Honda Unicorn were its competitors when it was launched in the Indian automobiles market.

Having a truly sporty look and feel, the youth of India were all praise for this bike. Bajaj Pulsar 180 is available in four standard yet enticing colours. They are red, sliver, black and blue.

Bajaj Pulsar 180 mileage reviews

Autmobileupdates [dot] com says in the motorcycle segment in India Pulsar 180 has carved its niche. It is one of the most popular bikes of the 180 cc segment. Pulsar 180 has got a digital fuel gauge as well as digital speedometer. With features like self-start and 35 watt halogen headlamps this bike does make heads turn. The engine of the bike is capable of delivering 17 Bhp of power at 8500 rotations per minute. It has got five gears and wet multiplate clutch. The mileage delivered by the bike is not bad at all keeping in mind its high cc engine displacement. It gives 43 kilometres per litre mileage in city and 51 kilometres per litre mileage on highways.

Speedmasti [dot] com states that Bajaj Pulsar 180 is a superior performing bike and has got a great line up of standard equipment and overall good looks too. It has many advocators and is visible in big numbers on Indian roads. It accelerates from o to400 metres in 18.7 seconds and gains a top speed of115.9 kilometres per hour. The fuel tank can carry15 litres of fuel and the mileage delivered by Pulsar 180 is47 kilometres per litre.

Iloveindia [dot]com says Pulsar 180 has got high performing strong 17 inch alloy wheels with 100/90 broad rear tyres. Triple rate spring, 5 way adjusting, gas assisted NitroX shock absorbers with vertical travel of 100 mm do not disappoint it users a bit. With all these amazing qualities and features another good quality is its mileage. Keeping in mind its high performing engine the bike still manages to give a mileage between 40 and 45 kilometres per litre on city roads.

Pulsar 180 mileage: The final verdict

With a wonderful pick up and stunning looks, Bajaj Pulsar 180 dominates all roads. Its throttle actuated ignition control system works very efficiently and superbly performing shock absorbers give it the correct amount of edge over its contemporaries. With mileage of about 40 to 45 kilometres per litre, buying a Bajaj Pulsar 180 seems to be a safe bet for sure.

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  • Deepak Chhetri

    I thank my God Jehova for giving me a wonderful bike pulsar 180 today.. Trust me, it was not in my budget to buy it widout his generous mercy 🙂

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