Recharge your Airtel Digital TV with your Digital TV Account Online

In this method, if you have access to a computer and internet, then you can get your Airtel Digital TV Account registered in their website. In order to register your account you have to access it by connecting to this link

In this system you will have to fill in details such as Login ID, your Email Address, your Airtel Digital TV Customer ID (This is the 10 Digit Customer ID which would have been given to you when you purchased your Airtel Digital TV Service), your telephone number which you would have provided while purchasing Airtel Digital TV, then there would be a rectangular multicolored box which would have some distorted alphabets and numbers which is called CAPTCHA. This you will have to carefully read and fill it in the blank box, which would be there just next to the CAPCHA.

You have successfully created your online account in the Airtel Digital TV website. Now you can enter into the account you just created, as described in the previous step, and it would allow you to make payment by Credit Card, By Net banking, or by entering the Recharge Coupon or Voucher you have purchased from Airtel Digital TV Retail Outlet.

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