Refrigerator that smells fresh too

Yes, the basic purpose of refrigerator is to enable storage of your food and drinks keeping them cool and fresh. However, this does not seem sufficient as maintenance of refrigerator has become essentially difficult and time consuming. With almost every product revamping itself, refrigerators do not seem to be an exception. There are varied other expectations from the refrigerator including it controlling humidity and maintaining air quality.

Have you ever wondered why your refrigerator smells foul irrespective of loads of cleaning and the maintenance? The outside air tends to stay in the fridge as you open the door even if that would have lasted only for a fraction of seconds. Along with the air finding space for itself in the fridge, there are varied microorganisms including bacteria, fungi and others that tend to settle with the air. This settlement keeps burgeoning every time you open the fridge.

To keep the odor away, there is a need for the refrigerator to possess an air purifier that is efficient enough to circulate the air with the help of its air filters.  The air purifier is designed in a way to absorb this odor and make your refrigerator smell good. Besides, this enables enhanced freshening of your food items where the bacterial and fungal spores are completely eradicated from your fridge.

Refrigerators with improved features including filters made up of fiberglass mats enable confining specific matter.  Varied types of filters including outermost filter, mats and last filter cater to particles of larger size, smaller particles and eradication of fungal and bacterial spores respectively.

Ion purifiers are considered to be increasingly competent as they can wipe out the most dangerous form of bacteria i.e. pathogenic bacteria. There are electrically charged ions emitting ozone released from the ion purifiers to draw air borne particles circulating around the fridge.

Besides, one must understand it’s not all about the odor. The odor manifests the presence of bacteria and other unhealthy organism in your refrigerator that can be threatening. Obliterating it from the root is essential where the odor is not just concealed but the root cause of the odor is attacked.

Incorporation of nanotechnology in the refrigerator seems proficient in its functionality even after years.   Thin silver lining in the fridge measuring some nanometers act as deodorizers by emitting positively charged Silver ions that destroy bacterial and fungal spores that tend to linger in the inner walls of the fridge as it gets old.

If you have always hunted for ways to get rid of the cold smell that stays behind in any food, opt for a refrigerator with carbon deodorizer.  The aroma lock system in contemporary fridges available today has both carbon and palladium in them which are capable of eradicating any ethylene in the fridge along with the elimination of foul smell. Another most popular type of fridge is the one with a honeycomb type which work on ripping out the smell even before it gets dissolved in water stored in the fridge.

Its time you bid your old refrigerator and opt for a new spanking refrigerator with advanced features. The next time you consider buying a new fridge, make sure your refrigerator does more than just looking cool. Reliance Digital proffers you a range of refrigerators of varied brands with exclusive features that you might always longed for. To know more visit us at

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