Reliance Broadband Customer care: RCOM Live Chat

Reliance Communications is India’s largest communications service provider. Reliance communications is also in the forefront in providing Internet and Broadband services to over 13 lac consumers in India.

Reliance Broadband Customer care

Reliance Communications have established many channels of contact for its internet and broadband customers by way of Toll Free Numbers, Fax Number, Direct Contact Address, and E-Mail based Customer Care modes. In addition to these methods, Reliance Communications have established a new and novel method of Customer Care for Internet and Broadband Customers, and that is RCOM Live Chat. We will see in the coming paragraphs how this service is provided and what are its benefits.

RCOM Live Chat Customer Care System

As we all are aware, internet is the preferred medium for information dissemination as well as for communications, in this generation. We have written about this in a couple of articles in our technology section.

Since Reliance Communications is one of the biggest internet and broadband service provider, it is only natural that they establish a variety of means to reach them, whenever their subscriber needs to, in the easiest possible manner. To this effect, Reliance Communications Customer Care has taken a new initiative and added another channel of Customer Care in the form of RCOM Live Chat. Reliance Communications has identified and understood that various types of instant messaging systems have become extremely popular with internet and broadband users, and has harnessed the potential of this medium to deliver Customer Service to their subscribers and has named it as RCOM Live Chat Customer Care.

Reliance Communications Customer Care has put in place an elaborate infrastructure to deliver Real-time Query and Complaint handling platform. This system operates 24 hours a day, all days of the week, and throughout the year. This system can satisfactorily handle over 75000 clients in a day. In order to facilitate the same, they have 500 dedicated staff, and this mode of Customer Care has been extended to 24000 Towns across the country, as of 30th June 2010.

Reliance Communications has also planned to extend this mode of Customer Care to their mobile and wireless telephony clients in the next phase of operation. This mode of Customer Care is the First-of-its-kind for any of the telecommunications service provider, as per reliance communication sources.

5 comments to Reliance Broadband Customer care: Live Chat

  • Rajneesh

    Reliance Broadband customer care is the worst customer service I ever came across

  • Mina

    Reliance broadband customer care officers misguided us, they informed us that our services would be put under retention and no bills will be generated, when we left India, but now to our shocking surprise, we have got new bill, and informing the customer care to investigate with officer Pravin Patil, no one has bothered to find out why relaince’ officers are misguiding customers, in reply we keep on getting puppet reply , will some one take care of it or lose another customer?


    I am not satisfy with services of Reliance Comunications.The call center people

    are only talking sweet but “No Action” are the best solution for this company.

    May God save us from this types of Service Provider………..!

  • babuabdulhammed

    Good day;
    Hai i am babu form saudi we want internate connection uses for video call. so we want the plans & hi speed internate details for usb modems & landline connetions we want lowest rates for the montly rates which is the best so we want details.

  • Swetha - the most frustrated customer of Reliance

    I have tried reaching mutiple methods of contact and expressing my dissatisfaction at net connection provided by Reliance data card. When they need to acquire customers they project it saying connection will be provided in half an hour, but its been 15 days and I still haven’t been able to use internet after shelling out 1600 bucks. They are the most useless and moronic customer service employees. I wonder how they don’t feel ashamed working amidst such inefficiency. Now I want my refund back and all contact numbers are either engaged or not reachable. The toll free customer care number literally takes a TOLL on you – they are clueless apart from repeating only one parrot sentence: please visit the showroom. If I could visit the showroom, why would I have the need to call you??

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