Ryan International Schools in Gurgaon

The name speaks for itself when in comes to Ryan International Schools in Gurgaon.

The magnificent architecture and the excellent infrastructure add to the worth of their name.

Ryan schools in Gurgaon are known for the number of opportunities they provide to the students to grow academically and beyond it. The schools are in media’s limelight for the number of cultural fests and programs in which students shine bright.

Academics at Ryan Schools in Gurgaon

Based on Central Board of secondary Education, the Ryan schools in Gurgaon have adopted a new approach of teaching. In pre primary and primary section students are taught with the use of phonetics and songs with interactive multimedia techniques. To explain furthermore they are taken on trips and outings to help them understand the concepts in depth. Other new methods adopted in teaching are- dramatisation, role play, experimentation, projects, home activities etc. In such a way students are encourage to take greater interest in studies. They become more confident and enthusiastic about studying. Students are also not burdened with a lot of homework and they actually learn through practical examples.

In the senior and middle level classes too education is not forced upon or spoon-fed either. Students of Ryan schools in Gurgaon do not dread homework and fear examinations. The teaching process is not one way where the teacher teaches and students hear with confused minds. Students are taught through the concept of discussion in which the students take active participation and clear their doubts without fear of being scolded. Workshops and group tasks are done by students to gain a better understanding of what has been taught in the class. Students are urged to limit private tuitions and clear their doubts in classrooms itself. Ryan schools in Gurgaon aim at self-learning and analysing and encourage questioning spirit and freedom of expression.

Clubs at Ryan International Schools of Gurgaon

  • Interact club
  • Science club
  • Shakespeare society
  • Model kid’s parliament
  • Model UN
  • Music club
  • Language club
  • Debates and oration club
  • Accelerated reading club

Co-curricular activities at Ryan schools in Gurgaon

  • Performing arts
  • Competitions
  • Community service
  • Educational activities
  • Social and cultural programs
  • Educational summit
  • Ryan T-20 match
  • Women councilors workshops

Admission and fee structure of Ryan schools in Gurgaon

Their admissions start in the month of December and the fee is around Rs 60,000 annually. The fee is to be deposited every year before the new session starts.

Contact information of Ryan International Schools in Gurgaon

Ryan International School

Site No-1, Sector-40, Gurgaon

Ph- 0124-2580096, 2383183, 2581555, Email- ryanggn@yahoo.com

Ryan International School

Sohna Road, opposite Lakshmi petrol pump, Bhondsi, Gurgaon

Ph- 0124-2265377, Email- ryanbhondsi@gmail.com

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  • pooja

    Dear Sir / madam I want to know the admmision fee for Nursary

  • vikas malhotra.

    Dear friends,

    My children are studying in 10th & 8th standard in Bal Bharti Public School, Rohini, Delhi. Next year i would be shifting to Gurgaon(sohna road).Pl.let me know the procedure to get my wards admitted in your school.

  • Parul singh


    I just want to know whats the procedure for the nursery admission and
    what is the admmision fees.

    Thanking u

  • payal

    I just want to know whats the procedure for admission and
    admmision fees for class 4th and 8th

  • Amit

    Dear Sir / madam,
    I want to know the admmision fee for LKG, the fee structure and the admission procedure. I am relocating to gurgaon in next few days. Kindly provide the information.

  • manoj yadav

    is Rs. 60000/year tuition fee including transportation . i want to get my son to be admitted in class IX and daughter in class IV. is there in discount in tuition fee for second child.

  • Vishal Bharadwaj

    Respected Sir,

    We are migrating from Kanpur to Gurgaon. My son is studying in class 3 in kanpur and we are seeking his admission in your esteemed school. Kindly let us know abt the procedure and the fee structure of your school..

    best regards, Vishal

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