Sour taste in mouth

The sour taste in mouth is a very unpleasant condition a person faces. The foul taste in mouth does not let the affected person consume food in appropriate amounts. It reduces appetite due to the bad taste in mouth. This problem is not serious and hazardous for health. Many people ignore this problem and do nothing to cure it.

There are a host of reasons why a person may suffer from sour taste in mouth. They are discussed below.

Reasons for sour taste in mouth

Sour taste in mouth due to post Nasal drip

This is one of the major causes of sour taste in mouth. The nasal mucus is enriched with protein thus giving a good reason for the bacteria to develop here. The bacteria keep on multiplying and reach the back of the tongue, getting accumulated there. This in turn develops the sour tastes in mouth. Sinusitis is also a major breeder of the sour taste in mouth.

Sour taste in mouth due to bacteria

Anaerobic bacteria are most responsible for the sulphur like smell in the mouth. These bacteria sit at the back of the tongue giving a sour taste in the mouth. In the day time the mouth develops enough saliva to wash out the bacteria. However at night the production of saliva lessens giving enough chance for the bacteria to again sit at the back of the tongue and produce the sour taste in mouth. Therefore in the morning the person experiences the sour taste in mouth coupled by bad breath. The bacteria develop in the whole of the mouth overnight and the sour taste can not only be felt but smelled too.

Sour taste in mouth due to heartburn

Heartburn is considered to be one of the most common factors that lead to the sour taste in mouth. While digestion the oesophagus doesn’t have much work to do and lays idle. All the acids that get produced in the stomach during the process reach up to the throat. This leads to the sour taste in mouth.

Sour taste in mouth due to deficiencies and disorders

There are certain deficiencies that when developed causes sour taste in mouth. Vitamin deficiencies and gum diseases cause this problem largely. Pregnancy is also a condition that leads to the sour taste in mouth. Diseases such as diabetes and respiratory problems contribute to this problem too.

Sour taste in mouth due to medications

Antibiotics and most medicines lead to the bitter and sour taste in mouth. They taste bad and leave the effect in mouth even after swallowing causing this problem.

Sour taste in mouth due to Zenker’s Diverticulum

This is a condition wherein the decayed food particles get accumulated in the oesophagus. On lying down immediately after eating these particles fall out from the pouch of the oesophagus and come back to the throat resulting in sour taste in mouth.

Phantom sour taste in mouth

As the name suggest this problem has to do with something superficial. Actually because of this problem the sour taste gets developed due to the misinterpretation of olfactory sense by the nerves. It basically is a disorder of the nerves that gives sour taste sensation which is not real. The patient develops illusions of sour taste in mouth in Phantom sour taste in mouth problem. Epileptic seizures are often preceded by the sour taste. This condition unlike other reasons for sour taste in mouth is serious and demands immediate attention if the problem persists. Consulting a physician and getting a complete diagnosis done is of utmost priority.

How to prevent sour taste in mouth

The basic solution to sour taste in mouth is prevention of development of bacteria in the mouth. Regular use of tongue cleaner is the most essential thing one must do if he/she suffers from this problem. Every time they brush or consume something it is important to clean the tongue too.  If the problem persists or is due to any disorder or deficiency then consulting the physician is very important.

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