SX4 Diesel Mileage Review

Maruti’s Suzuki’s much talked about power Sedan – The SX4 Diesel version opened with mixed reactions when launched in February this year, its prime feature being the new and powerful DDiS engine. There have been several assessments of the SX4 Diesel mileage by various automobile review sites.

The car has been promoted to the mileage conscious customer base as the sedan meant for a good performance in both city traffic and highways. Let us have a look at what various reviews make out of this car.

SX4 Diesel Mileage Reviews, a website specializing in car reviews, hails the new diesel model claiming it to be ‘extremely fuel efficient with high power and lower emissions.’ The site quotes the sx4 diesel mileage to be 11.6 kilometres per litre in the city and 15.6 kilometres per litre on the highways. The site goes on to mention that the car gives its user a memorable driving experience. One website that seems to be agreeing with ‘cardekho’ is which quotes the sx4 diesel mileage to be 16 to 19 kilometres per litre. Other reviews however have not been so benevolent.

Users at, a website that presents multiple views on various cars, say that the diesel version of sx4 isn’t as great as it is promoted to be. Users have experienced the sx4 diesel mileage to be only around 14 kilometres per litre which is lesser than what is being claimed. They also claim to have visited the service centres around four to five months in only two months post the purchase. This surely doesn’t seem to be a good sign for the power machine. recently put up a review where one of its users claimed to have conducted a survey and 15 of his respondents seem to have given answers that brought the sx4 diesel mileage to about 11 – 13 kilometres per litre on an average. This seems to have been the lowest value the mileage has hit in terms of reviews and responses. The lack of integrated music systems, parking sensors and other features also seem to have irked the users. A more balanced view point is provided by a leading auto review site called . The site is happy with the model for its seats and suitability to roads of all kinds but rightly claims that the car has too little happening on its central console. The site estimates the mileage at around 16 kilometres per litre.

SX4 Diesel Mileage: final verdict

Interiors apart, the car has come in for good reviews on its engine from mostly all sites. The sx4 diesel mileage has, as seen above, got a variety of estimates from all around. Going by the quoted experiences, the final figure can be fixed at around 15 kilometres per litre, take or give 2 kmpl for the city and highway variation. All in all, the car but for its interior features has good enough mileage and a solid engine to enjoy a jolly good ride in both cities and highways.

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