Taste in mouth after wisdom tooth removal

Wisdom tooth often creates trouble for a person. In most cases the person has to get his wisdom tooth removed from a dentist. Wisdom tooth basically is removed for two major reasons; first being problem in the wisdom tooth and second, a probability of developing a problem in it.

The probable problems includes in growth of wisdom tooth or developing infections in and around that area. These infections happen because of food particles getting trapped in the jaw area behind the wisdom tooth. This area remains unbrushed and unflossed. Due to such condition the dentist has no other option than to remove the wisdom tooth.

Problems in mouth after wisdom tooth removal

After getting the wisdom tooth removed people mostly experienced some troubles which get subsided in a few days. The general problems might include swelling, pain, bad taste in mouth, increased sensitivity etc. some people also experience problem such as dry socket, bleeding and oozing and nerve injury. If the general problems do not subside the person must visit his/her dentist. Among all the problems bad taste in mouth is very common after wisdom tooth removal.

Taste in mouth after wisdom tooth removal

It is normal to develop a bad or foul taste in the mouth after wisdom tooth removal. This problem persists until the socket is healed completely. This problem is only a by-product of the surgical extraction of the wisdom tooth. The reason behind the bad taste is because of the food impaction in the socket which doesn’t get cleaned. Hence the bad taste in mouth after wisdom tooth removal might also be coupled with a foul smell. This problem usually subsides easily without any complications. The only need is to follow the dentist’s instructions strictly. In order to get rid of the bad taste in mouth after wisdom tooth removal you must follow some simple tips. The first tip here would be to maintain good oral hygiene. Using a good mouthwash and brushing the teeth carefully and properly are the prerequisites. Doing warm saline rinses after 24 hours of extraction of the wisdom tooth helps a great deal. The warm saline rinses help in in healing the socket and also keeps the area clean. Following such simple tips can help the person get rid of the foul or bad taste in mouth after wisdom tooth removal.

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