Tata Manza mileage

The Tata Manza is a luxury car with latest features by the company. Tata has always aimed at making small budget cars which are affordable and meant for the common man. With the launch of the new Tata Manza, the company has entered the luxury segment of mid-size sedan cars.

With many interesting features and dynamics Tata Manza has sold a lot of units in the Indian market. This car is available in good colour options such as Breeze Blue, Minimal Grey, Monarch Red, Grey Noir, Dew White and Infinity Black. Now let’s go through the following section that discussed reviews about Tata Manza’s mileage, performance and engine.

Tata Manza mileage reviews

Cardekho [dot] com says that India’s largest auto manufacturer Tata Motors launched its most awaited Tata Manza in Indian market in segment C. Tata Manza is built on the J300 platform and it also houses the shell of the company’s popular hatchback model Tata Indica Vista, the all new Tata Indigo Manza comes with increased length and width in comparison to the existing version of Tata Indigo. The all new sedan Tata Manza is available in four variants; Aqua, Aura, Aura (ABS) & Aura Plus. All the variants of new Tata Manza are packed with exciting features like Bluetooth connectivity, power outlets for charging laptops and other mobile devices, outdoor temperature sensor and high mount LED lamps. The all new Tata Manza is available in both petrol and diesel options. The diesel engine available in the car is named as Quadrajet and the petrol engine is named as Safire. Both the engine is endowed with C 549, 5 +1 Speed Manual Gearbox.
The petrol version of Tata Indigo Manza is packed with 1368 cc engine. The engine of Tata Manza Petrol variant is packed with MPFI (Multi Point Fuel Injection) system which is very fuel efficient and performs extraordinary well. This highly advanced engine of Tata Manza offers a very good mileage of 12.2 kilometres per litre in the city roads and a mileage of 15.1 kilometres per litre on the highways.

Priceindia [dot] com states that Tata Indigo Manza – New affordable Sedan from Tata motors features 1.4L petrol engine and 1.3L Qudrajet Diesel Engine. Tata Manza is available in Four Variants ( Aqua, Aura, Aura (ABS) and Aura+ ) and six attractive colours. Tata Indigo Manza ARAI certified mileage is 21.02 kilometres to a litre (quadrajet Diesel Engine) and for Safire Petrol it is 14.5 kilometres to a litre.

Automobileupdates [dot] com opines that the Tata Manza was a car launched in the mid luxury car segment. The car has quite a unique design and has well integrated boot along with new headlamps, bumpers and new interiors as well. The car offers great value for money with excellent features and good performance. The Tata Manza review indicates that the car comes in both petrol as well as diesel engine variants. The petrol engine is a 1368 cc engine that has continuous variable cam phaser and this allows adjustment of valve timing so as to deliver powerful performance. The diesel engine is a quadrajet 1.3L engine. As per the ARAI report the car is expected to deliver mileage of around 21.02 km/litre. The petrol variant of the car delivers around 14 km/litre on the highway while in the city it can deliver around 10 km/litre. The diesel variant of the car delivers around 13 km/litre in the city while on the highway it can deliver 14 km/litre.

Tata Manza mileage: The final verdict

The new Tata Manza is a beautiful car to look at and performs well too. By far this is one of the best cars by Tata in the recent times. Talking of its mileage the Tata Manza delivers a mileage of 14- 16 kilometres per litre of fuel which is fine for a sedan to deliver.

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