Tata Nano diesel mileage

The Tata Nano diesel is the second after Tata Nano petrol. It is again a small budget, small family car with the goodness of a diesel engine! Now that saves on a lot of money earlier spent on the petrol version of the Tata Nano. T

here is no difference in the design and styling and the Tata Nano diesel continues to have the small, cute and compact design. Now let’s go through the next section that discusses about Tata Nano diesel’s mileage, engine and performance.

Tata Nano diesel mileage reviews

Trak [dot] in says that the Tata Nano diesel is going to be one of the most fuel efficient cars in the Indian market. It will be safer, stronger and more fuel efficient for sure. Now that the Nano has been positioned against 2-wheelers, it goes without saying that the competition revolves around the crucial ‘mileage’ factor and fuel economy of the car, which influences an Indian consumer the most. Nano’s petrol version gives an average of about 22 km/litre (in cities) but can go up to 26 km/litre on highway.

The Nano Diesel is expected to run on two-cylinder, 700cc engine without compromising on fuel economy; and being complaint with BS IV emission standards which regulate pollutants released by automobiles. The Tata Nano diesel targets a higher mileage of 40 km/litre, rendering it as most fuel efficient car in India.

Indiandrives [dot] com opines that when Tata first introduced the Nano, they brought a new meaning to thrifty engineering. Tata now plans to make the Nano even more economical. According to recent reports, Tata is busy planning on launching a Nano which will efficiently provide a mileage of 40kmpl of diesel. This will make it one of India’s most fuel-efficient models. Tata is expected to launch this car by this fiscal year itself. The car will feature a 700cc two cylinder engine, which will provide sufficient power without compromising on the car’s fuel economy. While Tata has not yet released any official figures, as of yet, it is expected that the car will give a mileage of 40kmpl of diesel.

Burnyourfuel [dot] com states that Bosch India has developed Nano’s petrol engine and is also supposed the develop the diesel version of Nano that will be 2 cylinder, 700 cc engine that develops good amount of power without compromising on mileage. Bosch India expects that diesel Nano will return a mileage of 40 kilometres per litre. It will be prices higher by 15 to 20 per cent as compared to the petrol version of this car.

Tata Nano diesel mileage: The final verdict

Although the Tata Nano diesel is still not out in the Indian market yet the huge gung-ho about this vehicle proves that it indeed is going to grab lots of buyers. How far is it going to fetch the mileage as per the claims is what we’ll have to wait and see. As per the claims the Tata Nano diesel is going to give a mileage of 40 kilometres per litre, most fuel efficient among all cars in the Indian market.

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