TVS Jive mileage

The TVS Jive created big news when it was launched for its unique feature. It is a clutch less bike, the second after Hero Honda Street. Due its uniqueness in the right sense more and more people wanted to explore this bike to see how it’s different from the rest. Riding a bike without the clutch seems to be a very fascinating and convenient idea for many people. 

This bike is available in many attractive colours such as red, black and blue with great graphics on the body. So let’s read the reviews discussing the engine, performance and mileage of TVS Jive in the following section.

TVS Jive mileage reviews

Bikeadvice [dot] in says that TVS created waves in Indian Biking scenario when it announced its clutch less bike JIVE in November last year, although its India’s second after Hero Honda Street, being it as bike it sure did create a lot of waves. It raised many speculations as to how one can actually ride a bike without having to use a clutch. Finally the bike hit the market and bookings now open in all TVS showrooms across India. The bike looks similar to TVS Star city and its next variant, the Sport. It has 5 spoke black alloy wheels and all black treated engine. To be honest, the bike is not very eye catching in the looks department.

On the technology front, the Jive has become a boon to those stressed by frequent changing of gears and depression and release of the clutch in traffic. Same as the Honda Street launched in the 90’s. It boasts of an electric-start (a must have for all bikes these days) that can be used to start the bike regardless of what gear the bike is on.

TVS Jive boasts of an on-road mileage of about 65 kilometres per litre and is a clear competition to Honda’s CB twister. The fuel tank is huge like the performance segment, with a 15 litre holding capacity.

Bikedekho [dot] com states that with the launch of TVS Jive in India, the country became the nation who has clutch less bikes in it. TVS Motors, the third largest two-wheeler maker in India, recently introduced India’s and its first clutch less bike in India-TVS Jive. The bike was launched after the great success of TVS Flame SR 125 and TVS Apache RTR 180 in India. The power mill of 110cc generates a peak power of 8.4 bhp at 7,500 rpm and maximum torque of 8.3 Nm at 5,500 rpm. TVS Motors already has an automatic clutch bike, TVS Neo, in Indonesia and it used the same technology here. The bike is loaded with its innovative technology T-Matic that allows gear shifting without manual effort. The main features of the bike comprise of under seat storage space (first time in an Indian bike), hands free gearshift, gear indicator and four speed transmission. TVS Jive comes with a larger fuel tank. The bike is supposed to give a mileage of around 60-70 kilometres per litre. The hands free gear shifting also saves a little fuel and enhance fuel economy.

Newtechnology [dot] co [dot] in opines that the new TVS Jive is a 110 cc engine bike featuring rotary gear technology and an automatic clutch. The TVS Jive’s four speed engine delivers a solid four stroke performance with 8.1 bhp at 7500 rpm and a torque of 8.1 Nm at 5500 rpm. The new TVS Jive bike has a light weight of 110 kilograms which makes it convenient to handle. Alloy wheels compliment the bikes wheelbase of 1260 mm which makes cornering and manoeuvring effortless. The bike has a good fuel tank capacity. The mileage given by TVS Jive is 70 kilometres per litre.

TVS Jive mileage: The final verdict

The new TVS Jive is a sensation created by the company in a big way. Its automatic clutch and smooth engine is a charmer. The bike performs fairly for a 110 cc bike segment. The mileage of TVS Jive is around 60- 65 kilometres per litre which is not bad at all and gives a tough competition to the bikes of its segment.

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