Upper back pain during pregnancy

During the period of pregnancy, upper back pain is not something that would bother women. It is calculated that during the course of the pregnancy, about 50% to 80% women suffer from upper back pain and that too happens in the fifth month to the seventh month of pregnancy.

Though it is a normal issue, there is nothing to worry but still one should not be that much careless as it could have long term ramifications. It could fairly unfavorably affect your daily lifestyle.

 Also, it is very necessary for all the women to consult and talk to the doctor about upper back pain during pregnancy so that a hassle free delivery would get easy. At the earliest, it should be controlled and maintained all through the course of pregnancy.

Basically there are two types of back pain that occur during the course of pregnancy .i.e. lumber back pain and posterior pelvic pain. Lumber back pain occurs in the lower back which women experience during non pregnancy times. Posterior pelvic pain occurs across the tailbone and below the waistline.

There are some of the usual changes that happen during the course of pregnancy. It is seen that the body gains about 25% more weight than the actual weight during the course of pregnancy by which extreme burden is put on the back and the other pain tolerate the structure of the body which leads to a shift in the centre of gravity of the body.

Again there is no need to worry about upper back pain during pregnancy. Although it is impossible to control upper back pain during pregnancy but it is quite easy and possible to manage the upper back pain properly. The stress levels can be easily minimized by maintaining and practicing a proper posture.

These measures can be gone through and it is to be followed properly to get rid of the upper back pain.

  • Ø Within 72 hours of getting the numb pain which is usual to pregnancy spinal unsteadiness, ice packs can be used. But the tissues can become inflamed if you use ice packs more than 20 minutes. So, you have to keep this in mind.
  • Ø To change inflammatory levels, some foods can be used. To block the body inflammation, acidic fruits are found effectual. You should not eat shell fish and red meat because it increases arachidonic acid by which inflammatory levels are increased.
  • Ø Herbal drugs can be taken if you suffer from upper back pain during pregnancy as they are normally acceptable and also they are considered to have usual healings properties as well as inflammatory and resting qualities. To nurture the body’s natural healings, you can also have mineral, herb and vitamin supplementations.

To manage with the upper back pain during pregnancy, relaxation and sufficient sleep is also very important. To help you with this condition, you can also practice yoga. For pain relief, you can get some medication and also you may get it checked from doctor. Physiotherapy may also be prescribed and massages can bring you relief from upper back pain during pregnancy.

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