Vodafone Bill Payment Chennai

Vodafone, currently one of world’s largest mobile telecommunication network companies, was founded in the UK, in the year 1983. It is undoubtedly world’s leading international mobile communications group having approximately 347 million customers worldwide. It currently has equity interests in about 31 countries across 5 continents and around 40 partner networks all over the world.

Vodafone Essar is the Indian subsidiary of Vodafone Group and it commenced its operations in 1994 when its predecessor Hutchison Telecom acquired a cellular license.

Modes of  Vodafone Bill Payment in Chennai

The official Vodafone website i.e., www.vodafone.in contains all the information and details one may require with respect to the telecom service and the other popular facilities offered by Vodafone.

Quick Bill Pay in Chennai

Vodafone offers one of the easiest ways to make the payment of your Vodafone bill. The service is called as the ‘Quick Bill Pay’ service and mind you it is indeed really quick. Now customers do not have to login again and again and remember their exclusive Vodafone ‘my account’ password. The customers can make a payment by merely entering their 10 digit exclusive Vodafone number in the space provided and make their payment online. With the ‘Quick Bill Pay’ facility Vodafone customers can pay their bill with just three easy steps. Following is the link to use the ‘Quick Bill Pay’ service-


Step 1– Enter the 10 digit exclusive Vodafone Postpaid mobile number in the space provided in the ‘Enter your number’ section on the Vodafone website. (In order to get information on the account details, the customers have to dial 111# on their mobile phone and sms BILL to 111. This is a toll free number so the customers are not charged for this sms.)

Step 2– On clicking the customer will be automatically redirected to the payment options page. The customer will then required to enter his or her authentication details for the credit card or debit card (viz the card no, the date of expiry, C V V, V B V / MSC password) or Net Banking (viz.  the customer id and the password) to confirm the payment. Select the payment option of your choice and make an online payment by clicking on the ‘Pay now’ option.

Step 3– Get an online confirmation of bill payment after the payment procedure is completed.

Vodafone Bill Online Payment in Chennai

Vodafone customers can also make a payment of their Vodafone bill by the click of the mouse. Vodafone provides the facility to make bill payments online. All that customers have to do is to visit the official Vodafone website- www.vodafone.in- and long on to their ‘My Vodafone’ account. Following is a demo to make it easier to understand the whole procedure-http://www.vodafone.in/_layouts/myvodafone_demo.htm .

Vodafone Bill Payment in Chennai by self Service Kiosk

Vodafone customers can pay their bills by through cash, cheques or credits card wherever they are by using the Self Service Kiosk.  Whether you are at a multiplex, shopping complex or a Vodafone store, it doesn’t matter as long as you have a Vodafone Self Service Kiosk nearby. Regardless of whether the customer is a he or a she they make the payment by using the Self Service Kiosk without anybody’s help. One can also view past bills and activate or deactivate Vodafone services by using the Vodafone Self Service Kiosk. For more information log on to www.vodafone.in , select ‘payment choices’ and select the ‘Self Service Kiosk’ option. Here is a demo to make it clear how to make use of this facility available to Vodafone customers – http://www.vodafone.in/_layouts/ssk_demo.html

Vodafone Bill Payment Centers in Chennai

Vodafone has established an expanding infrastructure of thousands and thousands of payment centers across the country for the convenience of its customers. Customers from Chennai have the option of walking into any of their nearest Vodafone Bill Payment Centers and pay their Vodafone Bill by cash or by cheque.

Vodafone Bill Payment in Chennai by Credit Card

Vodafone Customers have the option of using their credit cards to make the payment of their Vodafone bill. Vodafone offers the payment by credit card scheme so that the customers do not have to take the pains to remember the last date of payment, withdraw cash from their bank account, travel all the way to the Vodafone bill payment center or the drop boxes in the area and make the payment in person. If the customers choose to pay their Vodafone bill by using their Credit card, the due amount of the bill can be directly debited from the bank account of the customer regardless of the bank in which the account is held. The customers first have to fill up a ‘Pay by Card’ enrolment form and Vodafone will debit their card on or before the due date from their bill date. There is no risk of fraud in this whole procedure and the payment process is completely secure. Customers can also opt to make the payment of their Vodafone bill by credit card on their own. Credit card payments are accepted at all the Vodafone stores in the city of Chennai.  The customers just have to walk to any of the Vodafone stores and pay whatever amount is due on their Vodafone bill just like they do at any other shopping outlets.

Vodafone Bill Payment by Payment Pickup Service

Another facility run by the Vodafone people for the convenience of their customers is the Vodafone ‘Payment Pickup’ service. All that the customers have to do is to call on the Vodafone number and Vodafone will pick up the cash payment of the customers from their home or office for completely free of charge.  Customers can call on 429 to register a request for a payment pickup and the payment will be collected from their doorstep. However, though the customers don’t have to pay up at the time of the payment the site mentions that there will be a nominal charge of Rs. 30 which will be charged per pickup.

Drop Box for Vodafone Bill Payment in Chennai

Vodafone customers can make bill payment at any of the Vodafone Drop Boxes around the city of Chennai.  Bill payments are possible only through cheques or payment slips if the customer intends to use the Drop Box. Cash payment of the Vodafone Bill is not accepted in the drop box due to obvious reasons. To know the location of a drop box in their vicinity customers can just visit the official Vodafone website –  www.vodafone.in – and can find out the exact location of the cheque drop box, its type code, box number, its exact address, and the area code of the cheque drop box. Following is the link for finding out the of drop boxes at various locations in Chennai- http://www.vodafone.in/pages/dropboxes_che.aspx.

Vodafone Bill Payment by the Collection Agencies in Chennai

Vodafone also offers its customers the option of making the payment of their Vodafone bill by the collection agencies in Chennai working for Vodafone. Here are the links to find out about Vodafone’s policy on recovery dues and an extended list of their CoLlection agencies around the city of Chennai.- http://www.vodafone.in/documents/pdfs/recoveryofdues.pdf

Vodafone Bill Payment by IVR

Customers can also call on 111 and make the payment of their Vodafone bill through their credit card. Hence paying your Vodafone bill is virtually a call away. All you have to do is to call 111 from your Vodafone mobile phone, then press 1 and follow the instructions given to make the payment of the Vodafone bill using your credit card. This whole procedure is fully secure and there are no hidden charges for using this service offered by Vodafone.

Vodafone Bill Payment by the Electronic Clearing System

Vodafone also offers is customers to make a payment of their Bill through the Electronic Clearing System whereby Vodafone debits a customers bank account directly for the payment of bills. All that the customers have to do is to authorize Vodafone to debit their bank account directly every month. For this purpose customers have to fill up the ECS form and submit it at any one of the Vodafone store in their vicinity.Following is a link to make this whole procedure easier for the Vodafone customers- http://www.vodafone.in/_layouts/vodafone_stores.aspx?cid=che.

Vodafone Bill Payment by the Business Reply Envelope

Vodafone also offers a bill paying facility named as the ‘Business Reply Envelope’. Customers can pay their monthly Vodafone bill by using the business reply envelope that is sent along with the paper copy of their monthly Vodafone bill. Customers can make the payment by using either a cheque or by using a credit card. In order to use a credit card for the payment, customers can use the tear- of portion of their monthly Vodafone bill to fill in the details of their credit card and mail across using the business reply envelope.

Vodafone Bill Payment at Post Offices

Vodafone customers can also make a payment of their monthly Vodafone bill at the plethora of post offices around the city of Chennai. However the payment can only be made at those post offices where there is an E- payment facility. Following is a link to find out the location of such post offices in Chennai- http://www.vodafone.in/pages/pop_postoffice_che.aspx

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