Vodafone Online Recharge Postpaid

Vodafone, currently one of world’s largest mobile telecommunication network companies, was founded in the UK, in the year 1983. Vodafone provides a plethora of services such as telecommunications management, global device portfolio, enterprise central and managed mobility services.

Vodafone also offers certain other services such as ring tones, caller tunes and astrology downloads, news and finance updates, sports, entertainment and most importantly, online recharge facilities.

The Process of Vodafone Online Postpaid Recharge

Customers of Vodafone can get online recharge facilities from the Vodafone official website at www.vodafone.in.   The Vodafone online recharge service is undoubtedly a secure way of recharging your mobile connection. In order to make an online recharge, Vodafone customers have to register/sign-up or sign-in/login at theMy account’ section on the official website of Vodafone. The process of exacting a Vodafone online postpaid recharge is as follows.

Go to the official Vodafone website. You will find the “Manage your account online” option on the right side of the page. Click on “My Vodafone” link. This will open the ‘Login’ page. Those intending to use the online service are always required first to enter their login ID, i.e. their 10 digit mobile number and their personalised password. After filling up the account details the customer has to press the ‘Enter’ button. This will enable the customer to view the details of the relevant information about his or her Vodafone account. After viewing this information the customer can avail of the Vodafone online postpaid recharge facility without any hindrance.

Vodafone Online Postpaid Recharge for New Users

New users of the Vodafone online recharge service can register themselves with the ‘Vodafone My Account’ facility by merely signing up.

Vodafone customers can find the register option on the ‘My Account’ login page. The sign up option will be available by clicking on the ‘New User’ option on the login page. Once this is done, the customer will have to fill up certain personal details like their 10 digit Vodafone number and any alias if applicable.

The customer will also have to answer a ‘secret question’, the answer to which will be saved in his or her account details for default settings. At the end, the customer will be required to fill up the verification code which is a new addition for customer account safety. After filling up each of these details the customer has to press the ‘Enter’ button and the ‘Sign up’ process gets completed. This enables the concerned customer to perform a Vodafone online recharge.

Link to the official Vodafone website: www.vodafone.in

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