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SMS is one the extremely popular way of communication between two people, or even a group of people. It is more widely used compared to even emails. Its popularity can be attributed to its extreme simplicity, and speed (It is almost instantly delivered to the recipient). However it costs money to send SMS from one’s mobile to the other person.

How nice it would be if there is a way to send SMS Free of Cost, and that too unlimited SMS Free of Cost. Sounds very interesting! Isn’t it. It is possible and there is a way for it.

The question that immediately comes to your mind is how to send free of cost SMS and how it works.  Let us see who is giving us such a benefit and understand how it works.

Way2sms.com & Free SMS

Way2sms.com is a free SMS service provider and it can be accessed with your web browser and internet. Way2sms.com allows everyone registered with it, to send and receive SMS free of cost to anybody across India.

Way2sms.com Registration Process

One has to start by clicking the Red Rectangular Button which is written as Register Here. Click it and you will be taken to the process of registration. One has to fill details such as Name, Date of Birth, Email Address, Profession you are engaged in, City you live in, Monthly income. These are the basic steps. Once these steps are completed some more details are needed to be filled to activate your service.

You will have to provide your Mobile Number in the next step, and repeat the same in the next field (This is to ensure you have correctly entered your mobile number). Please ensure you have your mobile switched ON, since way2sms will now send you the password to your mobile with which you will have to complete the process of registration with way2sms.com to start availing of their services. The next field will have some distorted characters and / or numbers and next to it will be a blank box or field, as it is called. Please read it correctly, Check for Upper Case and Lower Case characters in the case of Alphabets and enter it into the field exactly as it is shown. (This is actually called as CAPTCHA. What it means and what are its purposes would be explained in a different article, in our technology section). The last step is to click or the Verify and Register Field, which will be in distinct Red Color.

Now your will receive a password in your mobile which you need to use to confirm that you have sought for registration. The system will ask you to choose a User ID and Password, with which you complete the registration and activation process.  This is done by entering the given password in the relevant field of way2sms.com website.

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Done. You have completed the registration process. You are now free to use the Free SMS sending Service offered by way2sms.com.

Login and Send SMS

Each time you wish to send SMS to either one contact of yours or many of them, you will have to login with your User ID and Password, and log out once you have finished sending all your SMSes.

Some of the special features

  • You can send Future SMS lets you send messages to yourself and to your friends, family have them delivered on any date and time you choose. Use FutureSMS to send yourself reminders, notes, or any information you want to have in the future. Also future SMS is useful to send birthday greetings in advance to your friends and relatives.
  • There is a feature called SMS Greetings. You can see a new menu item appearing adjacent to standard menu items. This section features powerful collection of predefined messages on almost all major categories. Way2sms.com hopes this section will satisfy its user’s regular/ special messaging needs. Way2sms.com also keeps adding hundreds of new predefined messages every day to this collection.
  • You can send free SMS upto 140 characters in length.


As of now, Way2sms.com does not offer free SMS Service for International Numbers. The free SMS service is restricted to mobiles that are within Indian Territory.

A Word of Caution

Way2SMS.com takes users interests very seriously. Way2SMS.com bans ones Account permanently In case of abusive or harassing behavior (which includes sending SMSes that are intended to hurt or embarrass another person) by any one. Hence Please enjoy this Free SMS service with due responsibility.

Way to SMS website

The website of way2 sms is http://wwwe.way2sms.com/content/index.html

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