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Weeds are an inseparable part of the garden but everyone tries to weed out the garden weeds. It is a challenge to all lawn managers and keeping the garden or lawn weed free is a challenging task. These unwanted guests in the garden cannot be easily eradicated and total removal seems impossible. However, proper planning your actions plan against lawn weeds can help you succeed against these unwanted plants to a certain level easily

What are garden Weeds

Weeds are also called nuisance-undesired plants, which prop up in the garden automatically and spread everywhere if not contained on time. In simple terms weeds are just natural plants and like other plants, they also need water, sunlight, and nutrition in order for them to survive but they are not required in the garden. , Like other plants weeds may be perennial or annual.

From where do garden weeds come from?

Weed seeds are airborne, which means that humans, animals, insects, and even water can carry them. Even the mowers used in different gardens used by profession lawn grass management agents can possibly carry the seeds from one garden to another making your lawn prone to weeds.

Choosing and planning your preventive steps are guided by weed identification and its life cycle characteristics. Both things are important, since there are weeds that die naturally at the end of the season or are annual weeds. Some weeds can also be harmful or poisonous. Crab grass, dandelion, plantain, English daisy, dock, ground ivy, henbit, moss, and oxalis are the most common lawn weeds.

Tips to contain weed growth

Cultivate a good ground and soil.

Plants prefer fertile and less compact soil whereas weeds like poor, infertile and compacted soil. Look for weeds first before planting the plants and seeds. A through check in the starting can be beneficial than later removing the weeds

Mow often but plucking often is better.

Cutting off the weeds would help prevent weeds from growing, but apart from that, mowing might carry the seeds of weeds, so plucking out the complete weed is better than mowing. Assure that the entire root of the weeds is pulled-out so that it is unable to regenerate.

Mow at the right height and intervals.

Trimming the lawn at the shortest height will make the abrupt growth of weed seeds because they are exposed to the sunlight, which is a catalyst for weed growth. The more the sunlight the more the weeds grow faster. So maintaining proper grass height is important

Herbicides the lawn weed killers

Herbicides are good option to kill weeds, but have a drawback too, as they contain chemicals so issues of allergy, environmental safety and toxicity level should be taken care of properly. Herbicides should be used in the right quantity as overdose can kill other plats also.  Weeds should be properly identified, and related herbicide should be used. Read labels and pamphlets provided in the herbicides packing for optimum use.

Weeds Season

Check for the season in which weeds grow the maximum. Which season is favourable for weed plants? Take extra care of the lawn during this season and relax the rest of the time

Seek for professional help if you are not successful.

Consulting a lawn-care specialist would be helpful if you find yourself confused or not able to contain the weeds. Adhere to the tips provided by the professionals

Reboot the lawn.

If nothing helps the wise decision will be to remove all the plants / grass start over again.

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