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What is Built up area

Many people have lot of confusions in their minds when it comes to calculating and understanding built up area and super built up area or saleable area. When it comes to buying property it becomes very important to understand these terms to avoid any kind of fraudulent activity.

Built up area definition

Let’s start with understanding the definition of built up area. Built up area is the area of the apartment that includes the complete area covered within the four walls of an apartment. In short it is the sum total of the carpet area and area of walls and ducts. The terrace is estimated to be half the complete actual area while calculating the built up area. Built up area is usually 10 per cent more than the carpet area. Some projects consider dry terrace similar to the internal rooms.

Built up area calculation

For understanding how to calculate built up area let’s take an example. Suppose the carpet area of a flat is 1000 square feet and we have to calculate the built up area of that flat; we will just have to add 10 per cent to the carpet area.

Built up area = carpet area + 10 per cent

Built up area =1000+ (10/100*1000)

Built up area = 1000 + 100

Built up area = 1100

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  • bhumika arole

    the property that i have seen is 500 sqft carpet area. they have calculated the build up area as 950 sqft. is this authentic. kindly let me know.

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