What is Carpet Area

Terms like carpet area, super built up area and saleable area are often used in the real estate industry. Knowing about such terms is not only important for people working in this field but also for consumers so that they save themselves from any fraudulent activity of a builder.

Definition of carpet area

Carpet area refers to the total usable area within the four walls of a flat or a commercial space. It is the area where the ‘carpet can be laid’.

Calculation of carpet area

Let’s take an example to further explain carpet area. Look at the table below and the explanation mentioned further.

Room Dimensions(feet and inches) Carpet area(in square feet)
Living room 10’x15’-9” 157.5
Dining room 7’x7’-8” 53.6
Bedroom 1 11’-9”x10’-9” 126.3
Bedroom 2 11’-9”x10 117.5
Toilet 1 8’-6”x5 42.5
Toilet 2 8’-4”x4’-3” 35.4
Terrace 10’x5’-9” 57.5
Kitchen 11’x8’-6” 93.5

Terraces are usually half of their actual area. So the carpet area of terrace will be 57.5/2 sq.ft= 28.75 sq.ft. Hence the total carpet area of the rooms of the flat will come to approximately 655 sq.ft. The passage area of the centre of the flat comes to about 11×5 feet that adds another 55 sq.ft to the total carpet area. Now we can conclude by saying that the carpet area of the flat is 710 sq.ft.

So if you are planning to buy a flat you must ask the carpet area and verify it by the calculation method mentioned above.

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