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Yamaha FZ mileage

Yamaha, the leader in manufacturing sports bike had come up with FZ sometime back. Since then many motorbikes manufacturing companies have been trying to beat FZ by their new models but haven’t been able to succeed so far. FZ is among the most coveted sport bikes in India.

It design and stylish and very new. Up till now no company had manufactured such a model. Its large fuel tank is muscular and mostly responsible for giving the bike its macho looks. The graphics on the body are enviable and its performance worth noticing. Yamaha FZ is available in two beautiful colours. They are silver tech and yellow streak.

Yamaha FZ mileage reviews

According to automobile [dot] psyphil [dot] com Yamaha FZ has got a very different and sporty look. It’s USPs are the LCD display for speed, tachometer, trip meter and fuel gauge, two layer exhaust muffler to reduce heat, 267 mm disc brakes, front and rear radial tyres and tubeless tyres and the electric start system. They say that FZ gives a mileage of 45 to 50 kilometres per litre in the city and 50 to 52 kilometres per litre on highways without disturbing the power. The head light of the bike is designed for multi-reflection for a better visibility of the road.

Automobileupdates [dot] com says that among the 150 cc bikes, Yamaha FZ has set a new benchmark. Several awards have been brought home by FZ including the Autocar bike of the year award. The aerodynamic body and windshield give this bike its sporty look. The design of FZ has been innovated keeping in mind the European and other international bike designs. The mileage given by this bike is 36 kilometres per litre in the city and 47 kilometres per litre on highways.

A4auto [dot] blogspot [dot] com too has given great reviews about the Yamaha FZ. They say that FZ’s macho and muscular looks have given a new meaning to biking in India. It has got athletic and well build looks with wide tyres, huge tank and beefy forks. Everything about this bike is big and macho. This heavy bike delivers 14 PS at 7500 rpm power with a torque of 14 Nm at 6000 rpm. The top speed goes up to 132 kilometres per hour and the acceleration from 0 to 60 kilometres per hour happens in just 3.44 seconds. The mileage given by FZ according to them is 36 kilometres per litre in city and 47 kilometres per litre on highways.

Yamaha FZ mileage: The final verdict

The muscular and stunning looking bike, Yamaha FZ gives bike lovers more than one reason to buy it. It is synonymous with masculinity and exudes manliness. All in all, this bike is capable of delivering 35 to 40 kilometres per litre of mileage keeping in mind its heavy duty 150 cc engine.

4 comments to Yamaha FZ mileage

  • Shawon

    Pls inform me the exact mileage of Yamaha Fazer. I am willing to buy this very much.
    Thank you

  • muralikrishna

    which bike i will buy please tell me

  • Doney Mon Joseph

    please do it for yamaha fz to mileage 60 – 65 kilometres thats better for your custormers

  • Mahipal

    I m driving my fz from last one year in crowded city like delhi from last one year n its an amazing bike. Always a pleasure to drive this bike as balance is best in class even on speed of 110 km/h but not so comfortable seating and in long driving scenario give you a lot of pain
    Mileage which I m getting exactly 42 kpl

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