Yamaha Gladiator mileage

The Yamaha Gladiator is one of the most talked about bikes by Yamaha in the Indian market. It has made quite a many rounds of news here. Earlier when it was first launched it created news and good reviews and made a great impact on many Indian bike lovers.

Many of prospective buyers straight away headed to buying this one. Today with so many new bikes launched by Yamaha, the Gladiator still remains well known. This bike is available in many good looking colours which enhance the design, graphics and looks of the bikes even more. The following section will be discussing the reviews of Yamaha Gladiator’s mileage, engine and its performance.

Yamaha Gladiator mileage reviews

Pricenow [dot] in says that the engine type of Yamaha Gladiator is air-cooled, 4 stroke, SOHC type with the displacement being 123 cc. the maximum power generated by Yamaha Gladiator is 11 bhp and maximum torque is 10.4 Nm. There are both electric and kick start systems in the bike. The front suspension is telescopic and the rear swingarm. The front brake is disc and the rear drum type. The fuel tank is 13.6 litres capitated. The ground clearance is 155 mm and the kerb weight of the bike is 125 kilograms. The mileage given by Yamaha Gladiator is approximately 55 kilometres per litre.

Reviews66 [dot] com says that Yamaha Gladiator has special distinction in the Indian bike market because no other 125 cc bike in the market can compete with this bike as far as the looks are concerned. Yamaha Gladiator is available in amazing colour schemes and combinations. Superb colour graphics gives it unique sporty look and its elegant design is unparalleled in bike industry. New Yamaha Gladiator is powered by 125 cc 4 stroke, single cylinder, air cooled SOHC engine which gives it mind blowing speed and acceleration. Yamaha Gladiator mileage is outstanding (67 km in one litre of petrol) which makes it fuel economic bike. Yamaha Gladiator gives you amazing driving experience due to comfortable seats and classic handling & control. With smooth acceleration, mind blowing sporty looks, front disc brakes and powerful engine New Yamaha Gladiator will change you bike driving experience for ever. The problems of Yamaha Gladiator include its low profile suspension system and analogue dashboard. Although Yamaha Gladiator failed to rock the Indian bikes market but still an amazing motorcycle to ride on.

Vicky [dot] in says that the sporty Yamaha Gladiator is considered to be a very fuel efficient bike. Its engine is designed in a manner to give higher mileage and superior performance. The Yamaha Gladiator gives a mileage of 60 kilometres per litre.

Yamaha Gladiator mileage: The final verdict

The Yamaha Gladiator is one bike that fits well in the competition of the 125 cc bike segments. The USP of this bike is its smart looks. The colour choices are also wide making this bike quite desirable. The mileage given by Yamaha Gladiator is around 50 to 55 kilometres per litre which is fairly okay.

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