Yamaha R15 mileage

Completed with an aluminium cylinder and forged piston, R15 is a great looking sport bike from Yamaha that picked up popularity rather fast after its launching and is continuing to do so. It has got several state of the art features and a powerful engine to make its purchase worth the money one spends. Yamaha has got one of the most popular bikes that fall in the sport bike category and R15 is no different. This bike is available in red and white combined colour only.

Yamaha R15 mileage reviews

Automobileupdates [dot] com states that R15 from Yamaha has got a powerful 149.8 cc four stroke liquid cooled engine that can deliver power of 17 bhp at 8500 rpm and maximum torque of 15 Nm at 7500 rpm. The bike comes with 6 manual gears and wet plate clutch. The dimensions of the bike are 1995 mm x 670 mm x 070mm. it has got a mono-cross suspension for a comfortable and smooth drive on any road condition. The front disc brake and hydraulic single disc rear brake make the drive safe. The fuel tank capacity is a good 12 litres and the mileage is fair keeping in mind its powerful engine. Bikes like R15 are capable of giving a less mileage as their main focus remains on powerful performance like that of any other sport bike. Hence the mileage given by Yamaha R15 is 32 kilometres per litre in city and 43 kilometres per litre on highways.

Etalkindia [dot] com says Yamaha R15 looks like a real performer. By far this is one of the best bikes by Yamaha. Through R15 Yamaha has given a bike of international standard on the Indian roads. Its price could definitely come as a blow to many prospective buyers as they would have to pay a hefty amount to own this bike. Riding comfort, engine responsiveness is good along with a neat and attractive layout. For the mileage great expectation will be broken as the bike delivers 35 to 45 kilometres per litre at the max.

Automobile [dot] psyphil [dot] com says this is the first vehicle in India with a liquid cooled engine that provides reduced vibrations and gives a stable performance. The advanced fuel injection system, DiASil  cylinder technology, digital display, both front and rear disc brakes and mono-suspension with humachine technology can be counted as Yamaha R15’s biggest pros. The engine delivers very good response and initial pick up and speed goes a long way. R15 definitely lags behind in mileage giving a meagre 30 to 35 kilometres per litre.

Yamaha R15 mileage: The final verdict

Yamaha R15 is a quality sport bike done up with advanced technological features and stunning looks. It’s a true sport biker’s mean machine that gives a very comfortable ride and superior performance on all roads. The only way it lags behind is through its mileage. Yamaha R15 gives a petty mileage of 35 to 40 kilometres per litre. If mileage and price do not matter much for a person wanting to own a sport bike, then Yamaha R15 is the right choice.

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  • amar don

    hey guys 1st of all i would like to thanx yamaha for realese this bike . i got my bike in on july .its handling is superb n feels like we were the prince n all bikes arr soldiers.i got 45 mileage n i would be happy ……. its the best .rock

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