Yamaha SZR mileage

The Yamaha SZR falls in the 150 cc segment bikes and has a good name for it. Not only because of the brand name ‘Yamaha’ attached to it gives it popularity but its attractive looks and good performance is also to be thanked. The Yamaha SZR is available in some great looking colours.

They are black, blue, red and metallic grey. Its body is designed to attract all. The graphics on the bike looks great too. So let’s go through the following section to know more about its engine, performance and mileage.

Yamaha SZR mileage reviews

Bikedekho [dot] com opines that the classy Yamaha SZR has got a powerful engine of 4 stroke, air cooled, single cylinder, 2 valves and SOHC valve configuration that comes with a capacity of 153cc. This amazing engine output ensures impressive acceleration and pick up. This powerful bike, the Yamaha SZR gives a mileage of 55 to 60 kilometres per litre.

Renons [dot] in states that the 153cc SZ-R is a modern & sporty version of SZ-X which is a powerful, comfortable and stylish commuter. The muscular SZ-R is targeted at commuter customers with their sports-oriented interests and is designed to create the sensation of “High Speed”. The bike comes with front disc brake, tachometer and has tank protector added to the fuel tank to make it appear even larger. Furthermore, the shroud of the standard SZ-X model is replaced by an aerodynamic spoiler that extends out boldly and is given the same silver colouring as the side covers. The bike also has clear lens flasher, coloured handle grip end bar, painted muffler end caps along with special graphics. The mileage given by the Yamaha SZR is around 50 kilometres per litre. The fuel tank’s capacity is 14 litres.

Bikeadvice [dot] in says that the engine of Yamaha SZR is the heart of the bike. It has got a 153 cc displacement producing 12.2 PS at 7500 rpm as its peak power. The peak torque is of 12.8 Nm at 4500 rpm. It has been detuned for a better mileage. The mileage given out by the Yamaha SZR is 44 kilometres per litre. The engine is butter smooth though it’s not as quick as the other competitors. But it is carefully designed torque curve having peak @ only 4500rpm makes life easy in heavy traffic. You will not feel vibration though have not pushed it far than 6500 rpm and that too is done after first 500km because the engine is new and the good thing is that you will not feel the engine heat on your leg due to its well-designed sitting posture. It’s best if you don’t cross 4500 rpm for first 500 km and avoid more than 6000 rpm till you clock 1000 km on the odometer. The gearbox is just perfect. No more words. There was a bit notch till first 50km but then it becomes butter smooth. This is not the one to jump from a signal to another and zoom past the traffic but if you want comfort and ease of driving, this one is for you.

Yamaha SZR mileage: The final verdict

The Yamaha SZR is a great looking bike that is known for its good performance and lovely looks. The bike is very smooth through the rev range. The long distances driving experience is very comfortable on this bike. The mileage given by Yamaha SZR is around 45 to 55 kilometres per litre which is fair and not very good.

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