Yamaha SZX mileage

The Yamaha SZX is synonymous with style, power and macho looks.

Just as other bikes from Yamaha the SZX also makes an impression on the on-looker. The looks are fresh and masculine and exude power packed performance. Available in colours such as blue, red and black, the Yamaha SZX is a mean sport bike. People with the adventurous streak will find the bike very alluring. So let’s go through the next segment to know more about Yamaha SZX’s engine, performance and mileage.

Yamaha SZX mileage reviews

Bikeadvice [dot] in says that generally we associate Yamaha’s name with power, adrenalin and a little less practicality! While the initial two factors come from the very DNA of the brand we are talking about, Yamaha is trying to resurrect the third one. In the same endeavour, Yamaha SZX was born – to provide a mass machine which could signify an epitome of practicality and ‘Value for Money-ness’ after riding high on the success of the performance oriented dazzlers. The Yamaha SZX should return a mileage of anything over 52-53kmpl where ideally it should be 58 kilometres per litre plus.

Bikedekho [dot] com opines that the classy bike is loaded with a powerful engine of 4 stroke, air cooled, single cylinder, 2 valves and SOHC valve configuration that comes with a capacity of 153cc. The powerful engine of the bike pumps out top power of 12.1 PS at 7500 rpm and belts out a peak torque of 12.8 Nm at 4500 rpm. The powerful Yamaha SZ delivers a standard mileage of 55 – 60 kilometres per litre in urban roads. The classy bike is packed with a 14 litres of petrol tank.

Priceindia [dot] net states that Yamaha SZ-X is the latest bike launched in India by Yamaha recently. The branch endorsed by Bollywood actor John Ibrahim. Yamaha SZ-X comes with outstanding features and affordable price in India. Yamaha SZ- X is featuring with 153CC, 4-stroke with air cooled engine. It develops a maximum power of 12.1 PS at 7500 rpm and maximum torque of 12.8 Nm at 4500 rpm. The mileage given by Yamaha SZX is around 60 kilometres per litre.

Yamaha SZX mileage: The final verdict

Keeping in view the above mentioned reviews the biggest USP of Yamaha SZX is its mileage. The bike looks great, is powerful and gives a great mileage of around 50-60 kilometres per litre. What more could one ask for?

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