Yamaha YBR 110 mileage

Yamaha’s bikes are very popular not only in the Indian market but worldwide too. As soon as they hit the market there are many people waiting to explore it. Similar is the case with Yamaha YBR 110.

Although mostly Yamaha manufactures high engine displacement bikes but its low displacement bikes aren’t less popular either. The Yamaha YBR 110 is a bike that looks good, performs well and is available in good colour choices too. They are black, red and red-black. So let’s read ahead to know more about Yamaha YBR 110’s engine, performance and mileage.

Yamaha YBR 110 mileage reviews

Bikedekho [dot] com says that The Yamaha YBR 110cc has an air cooled, 4 stroke, single cylinder 2 valve, SOHC engine. The engine of the Yamaha YBR generates 7.6 PS at 7,500 rpm and 7.85 Nm of top torque at 6,000 rpm. The bike is provided with a 13 litres of fuel capacity along with a reserve of 1.5 litres. The Yamaha YBR delivers around 55 kilometres per litre of fuel economy in city. The Yamaha YBR is positioned in entry-level bike segment and has 106cc of displacement. It produces a maximum power and torque of 7.6 PS at 7,500 rpm and 7.85 Nm at 6,000 respectively. To use this power and torque, the Yamaha YBR is incorporated with a 4 speed manual gearbox. The pick-up and acceleration is standard as other entry-level bikes in India.

Arunii [dot] com says Yamaha is famous for its stylish bikes but Yamaha YBR 110 cc bike has stunning look as well as great performance too. Its engine is robust and electric start helps in heavy traffic. The bright multi reflector headlight is given for better visibility at night. The seats are broad and comfortable making your ride fatigue-free. YBR 110 suspension’s characteristic of rebound damping along with fast and slow compression is very well suited for Indian road conditions. The result is excellent handling, ride comfort and resistance to bottoming even in tandem riding. The mileage of Yamaha YBR 110 is about 60 kilometres per litre.

Autoplugged [dot] com states that Yamaha has launched its YBR 110 to capture the ‘entry level bikes’ market too. But in this segment Yamaha have many strong competitors like Bajaj and Hero Honda. The new YBR is powered by 106cc engine, which generate 7.5 Bhp @ 7500 rpm. Yamaha quoted that the YBR give a mileage of 65-70 kilometres per litre. Not so stylish design, YBR 110 has a basic styling with a rear carrier. There are three colour options which are Black, Red and Combination of Black & Red. The striking features of the bike they say are its utilitarian design, basic styling and targeted mostly for the entry level segment and small cities users.

Yamaha YBR 110cc mileage: The final verdict

The Yamaha YBR 110cc is a basic bike with reasonably good looks and features. Its performance for this segment of bikes is satisfactory too. The mileage given by Yamaha YBR 110cc is between 55 to 60 kilometres per litre which is fairly okay.

5 comments to Yamaha YBR 110 mileage


    Very poor condition
    NO Mileage only 45 km per liter
    No Self start status battry in poor condition but exide.
    No Sockers very loose…
    Stand touch with breakers


  • vivek

    Yes Even i feel same, last week i have purchased Yamaha YBR which is of 110 cc, the bike is really bad, i am getting hardly 30 Plus, which is un acceptable.
    and self start never happens, battery gets drained too fast. breaks have to hit very hard. i am felling like, i should not have brought this bike. 🙁

  • g.kannan

    Yamaha ybr bike very poor condition very fast engine heat & Very low mileage in 40km per liter in city and highway road 45km

  • anant

    When I perches yamaha ybr 110 very poor average 40 to 43 km per liter also starting problem.heat engine

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