Recharge Airtel Digital TV Using Recharge Cards or Recharge Vouchers

Airtel Digital TV is the latest generation of DTH or Direct to Home Television Signal Beaming system.

Some people call this as satellite TV too. We have published a comprehensive article on Airtel Digital TV Customer Care inside this link, which you may read to understand all the details about Airtel Digital TV Customer service, and all about its availability in your neighborhood area, how to obtain this connection and various other aspects.

Recharge using Airtel Digital TV Recharge Voucher by Calling up Customer Care Numbers

The Airtel Digital TV Service Vendor Outlets also sell Recharge voucher which actually are a recharge card (It looks similar to the Recharge Cards for Mobile Phone Prepaid refills which were prevalent earlier) and on the back of this card there would be a silver gray colored masking strip. If you scratch it, you will find a 16 Digit Number. Now you would have to call the Airtel Digital TV Customer Care Numbers and give your Airtel Digital TV Customer ID & provide the 16 Digit Number which you obtained from the recharge Voucher. The Airtel Digital Customer Care representative will give you a confirmation code, which in-effect means that you have successfully recharged your Airtel Digital TV through the customer Care Number Service.

Recharge using Airtel Digital TV Recharge Vouchers by using Internet Service

You can get connected to the internet if you have the access to it, and type this link and in this link enter your 10 Digit Customer ID, 16 Digit Recharge Voucher Number, and the Mobile Number of the Dealer from whom you have purchased the Recharge Voucher (This is not mandatory, it is just optional) and with this the Recharge work is complete from your end. The website will send a Receipt to your Mobile Number as well as a Receipt generated online which you can either take a printout or save it in your Computer, depending on your convenience and suitability.

Recharge using Airtel Digital TV Recharge Voucher by SMS

In this method you have to use the 16 Digit voucher number and send an SMS for Airtel Digital TV (dth) Recharge. The method is simple. Read it carefully and understand it well. Once you understand it well, then you can use this method every time when you have a need to recharge your Airtel dth  TV Account.

From your Mobile (It can be a mobile or an SMS sending system-enabled Fixed Wireless Phone of any service provider, except BSNL & MTNL Landline Service. This is due to the reason that SMS can’t be sent from their landlines) send SMS to 54325 as SMS PAY <16 digit PIN number> <customer ID>. As you might have understood, the 16 Digit PIN is the 16 Digit Number you found from the Recharge Voucher, and Customer ID means your 10 Digit Customer ID of Airtel dth.

Just to give you an example if your Recharge Voucher Number is 1234567890123456 and your Airtel Digital TV Customer ID is 0000000000 then you will have to send the SMS as – PAY <1234567890123456> <0000000000>.  That is it. You will receive a confirmation SMS with a Unique Receipt Number in the SMS. Preserve it for future reference.

Airtel dth recharge using Oxigen Voucher

Oxigen Vouchers are a new generation of payment instrument, which can be purchased for any amount from over 50000 outlets in India. You can locate a store selling Oxigen Voucher nearby your place of residence by calling Oxigen Customer Care – 0124 – 6773377. It is a very widely used payment instrument. In the case of Airtel Digital TV Recharge with Oxigen Vouchers, you will have to visit a Oxigen Store closer to you, and provide your 10 Digit Airtel Digital TV Account Number to them, along with the amount you would like to get recharged. The retailer will recharge and provide you with a receipt. You also have the option of getting yourself registered with this payment service provider and buy recharge vouchers in bulk amounts, and then using your mobile you can make payments for various utilities, including Airtel Digital TV Recharge.

You will find a separate article in our Finance Section on Oxigen Payment Instrument in exhaustive and complete details.

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