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Cataract surgery cost in India

A cataract is formed when the natural lens of the eye, responsible for focusing light and producing sharp images, becomes cloudy and hardens, resulting in a loss of visual function. [hana-code-insert name=’rectangle’ /]The lens of the eye is clear at birth, but is one of the first parts of the body to show the effects of aging. A cataract is painless and usually develops gradually over several months or years. Normally, the onset of a cataract in one or both eyes may cause decreased night vision, impaired depth perception, and increases color distortion.

More about cataract surgery and costs in India

Cataract is caused due to metabolic changes in the crystalline lens fiber of the eye. A cataract surgery is performed by an ophthalmologist, wherein he removes the natural lens and implants an artificial intraocular lens in its place. The cost of cataract surgery is largely dependent on a number of factors, such as the type of replacement lens used, the type of cataract and so on. There are various methods of performing the cataract surgery.

Recently in India the rise in has seen cataract surgery because the costs have dropped drastically , making world class treatments affordable for everyone and patient also get to enjoy a free holiday as well! If a patient has always wanted a cataract surgery or any other procedure, he can now afford it, as eye surgery costs have tumbled in India. Cataract surgery costs are combined with holidays and this is one of the fastest areas of growth in medical tourism. Cataract surgery in India is available at an affordable price to international patients. The cost of a cataract surgery in India falls anywhere between Rs 8000 to Rs 15000 normally for an Indian, however, prices may get higher depending on the city and the hospital one chooses to get the surgery done.

The complete costs of a cataract surgery also depend on the lens one chooses for their eyes. There are many kinds of lenses available for the patient to choose from and the cost for them including the surgery can go up to Rs 35000.

Indian ophthalmologists and eye surgeons offer you custom made solutions for all your eye care problems. From corrective eye disorders to diabetic retinopathy glaucoma, cornea and refractive surgery to low-stress cataract surgery, India offers a wide range of eye surgery. The eye surgery techniques have now become so advanced that the cataract surgery can be done in a day.

Consider the cost benefit for a patient opting for eye surgery as opposed to getting it done in the USA or UK. Several hospitals and clinics are now fully equipped to handle the inflow of patients from the west with latest technology, highly trained doctors and of course, customized treatment for every patient. Cataract surgery in India is one of the highly growing sectors in medical tourism.

28 comments to Cataract surgery cost in India

  • keith lanyon

    i need cataract surgery how much will it cost on my left eye only

  • Meera Nair

    How much will a cataract surgery cost at wockhardt hospital mumbai for my mother aged 65?

  • prashanth

    hai, iam prashanth, my age is 23, i want to remove my spects , iwant to know that lens is the perminent solution for increasing the seight


    my mother is 57yrs old.She has cataract(moderate)in both her eyes.Which type of surgery is beneficial for her n what will be the cost?

  • R. Sawhney

    Please advise what would it cost for cataract surgery, both eyes, with progressive must be implants.

    I am aware that cataract removal for each eye is minimum of four weeks apart.

    The procedure must be done by a super-specialist and at a top of the line hospital.

    Total detailed cost would be gratefully appreciated.

    R. Sawhney

  • Sudhir

    Please let me know the cost of cataract operation for my wife (Age 39) Right Eye. Also suggest good hospital / clinic where operation can be done.

  • Mukesh

    The cost of cataract surgery is from 14500 to 32000 rupees in India.

  • Deepak Raina

    My father, aged 73 yrs needs to be operated for cataract surgery on right eye. He had a retinal detachment in left eye in June’12 . During the surgery for retinal detachment at Sankara Netralaya- Chennai; he had ( what doctors have told to us)explusive haemorrage and the surgery had to be aborted. He has lost vision in the left eye.
    Now for the right eye; which is having cataract, we have to proceed for the surgery. Kindly suggest the best doctor/ hospital which can carry out the cataract surgery on right eye. What will be the cost of surgery.
    Deepak Raina

  • Deepak Raina

    My father, aged 73 yrs needs to be operated for cataract surgery on right eye. He had a retinal detachment in left eye in June’12 . During the surgery for retinal detachment at Sankara Netralaya- Chennai; he had ( what doctors have told to us)expulsive haemorrage and the surgery had to be aborted. He has lost vision in the left eye.
    Now for the right eye; which is having cataract, we have to proceed for the surgery. Kindly suggest the best doctor/ hospital which can carry out the cataract surgery on right eye. What will be the cost of surgery.

  • ravikumar sangeet

    sir,My father, aged 69 yrs needs to be operated for cataract surgery on both eyes. He had a retinal detachment in right eye in oct 2012 . He is staying alone what to do. The operation will take place at hyderabad. How much it costs

  • Balasubramanian

    Recently I had cataract operation in my left eye and I want to share my experience here. I had my operation in Sathyan Eye Care Hospital at Coimbatore. Dr.Sathyan was earlier working in Aravind eye hospital and having a long experience in eye surgeries. He has done more than 60000 cataract surgeries so far. I came to know about him through one of my friends. He is one of the senior doctors in the eye surgery. His wife Dr.Padma also an expert in opthalmology and eye surgery. Both of them are having very long and rich experience in cataract surgery and other eye surgeries.
    Coming back to my case, I was identified with immatured cataract. In selecting a synthetic lens for the eye, we have to select either a mono focal lens or multi focal lens. If we choose mono focal lens, then we have to use a spectacle for reading. If we go for multi-focal lens, then there is no need to wear any spectacles. But the problem in multi-focal lens is, some people will experience glare while driving in the night.In mono focal lens no such problems.
    After deciding multy-focal lens or mono focal lens, we have to decide on Indian made lens or imported lens. Indian made lenses are cheap and imported lenses are costly. It is said that, in Indian made lenses, vision problems may arise after few months, which can be corrected for a small fee of around Rs 1000. In imported lenses, chances for this kind of future vision problems are less. This is general feed back. Imported lenses are costly. Indian lenses are cheap. Multi focal lenses are costly and monofocal lenses are cheap. Even in mono focal lenses, there are some special type lenses are there, which will filter the dangerous Ultraviolet rays and high energy blue lights. These lenses help in protecting the retina.
    There is another one important decision we have to make. Currently, there are two types of cataract surgeries carried out widely. One is Small incision surgery and another one is MICS(Micro incision surgery). In small incision surgery, a cut of 2.2 to 2.8mm length is made in the eye to remove the defective lens from the eye and to insert the artificial lens in to the eye.. In MICS, the length of cut is between 1.5mm to 1.8mm. In MICS, the eye recovers very fast, because of small incision.
    For my cataract problem, I have selected MICS surgery, mono focal imported lens with Ultraviolet and blue light filter.There was 100% no pain during the surgery and after the surgery. Even anesthesia was given by applying some liquid and no injection to the eye. After surgery, there is no bandage or dark cooling glasses required. Plain zero power glass was given by the hospital to protect the eye from dust. We can see TV and work in computer immediately after the surgery.
    The total cost of the surgery for me was Rs 36000, including the eye drops for next one month. No other expenses. Eye surgery costs are very less, if we go for Indian made lenses without special filters.
    One wonderful thing in may case is, even though I opt for monofocal lens, I could able to read news paper clearly and work in computer without any reading glasses.
    Eye doctor told me that me that I am very lucky, because, with mono focal lens normally it is not possible to read news paper without reading glass.

    Before the cataract surgery, I also have confusion in selecting the right hospital and the right kind of lens selection. With a view to help others, I have given this detail experience of mine.If anybody wants to know about sathyan eye hospital, type “sathyan eye care hospital coimbatore” in google search and you fill find their web site.

  • Alevoor

    My father is 73 years old and I got his right eye cataract surgery done at Vasan Eye Care in Bangalore. There are two packages to choose from. First one for INR 21500 and other for INR 31000. The surgery was fine and my father is recovering.
    I would suggest you to get this surgery done from Vasan Eye Care as the hospitality there was great.


    I have cataract in right eye, perhaps caused due to injury (on right hand side of the head). I want to operate the same. I live in Delhi and my home town is Bhubaneswar. Which is /are the best hospital for the eye operation and what will be the cost of such operation. Please guide/help me in this respect. A line in reply is highly appreciated.

  • Sandeep

    Hi All,
    My father is suffering from cataract having age ~62 years and profession is farmer.

    In one above review i have read multifocal lense is not suitable for driving person as its glare vision exprience.

    Couls you pls suggest us which monofocal or multifocal lence is more beneficial for him.

    Thanks in advance

    • surender singh

      Dear sandeep.
      As i recently had an operation of cataract so i am sharing my experience with you.if your father use to drive some vehicle than he should go for monofocal lense and if not than he can go for multifocal lense.multifocal lense removes the dependency from the specs completly but during driving can not adjust the sharp glare that means a lot of chances to get accident.thank you

  • balaji elumalai

    kindly mail detailed list ofcost of cataract surgery for both left and right eye I am aged 47 years and wearing spectacles for past 33 years

  • Rajesh

    the cost ranges from rs 20000 to 35000. in this the lens cost is upto 7500 …the rest is hospital charges .

  • Pankaj

    What is the cost of cataract surgery in kolkata of both eyes??

  • Hi,
    My dad aged 60 has to undergo cataract surgery on his right eye. He is found of both reading and driving please suggest which lens would be best for him and also how much would it cost including the surgery and the lens, coz i have been coated about 45k in all.

  • sunand gajjar

    My age is 21 years. I have cataract in left eye due to injury. I have taken visit at 2 Hospitals. One said 22000rs Indian lense,28000 and 37000rs imported lense. Second hospital said 35000 indian lense and 60000 rs imported lense. Also say that multifocal is good but as i read about it, it is not good for driving, so kindly give me correct information about it. Also give me correct Hospital in Ahmedabad or Vadodara or Godhra.


    I am aged 61, with chronic uncontrolled (insulin injection based) DIABETES TYPE II SINCE 23 years.

    Cataract – blurred vision and night driving glare/Halos appearing around lights symptoms started since 6 months – hence need suggestion of-

    1.Best HOSPITAL IN BOMBAY (NOT TO VISIT PRIVATE CLINIC UNLESS THEY HAVE “PARSI” CATARACT SURGEON). High Treatment cost and cost of LENS is not a issue at all…!


  • BRijesh

    I am going through catract operation what kimd of lense should i use

  • arya

    ma mother in law need cataract surgery on her right eye.

    anyone plz share the cost and best hospital in bangalore

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