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Air hostess salary in India

In a fast developing age things are changing rapidly. People are looking for ways to use their time most effectively. Nowadays, when nobody wants to waste even a single minute, the mode of travelling from one city to another is heavily dependent on airplanes and flights. Travelling by air is no more related to being rich and elite. Today almost everyone wants to travel by plane. In such times, the aviation industry is fast growing and requires manpower. More and more people are opting for a career in aviation as it seems promising to them. Many girls are opting for becoming an air hostess as it is one of the most lucrative jobs these days.

Eligibility for becoming an air hostess

Every airline has their separate set of eligibility criteria for air hostess selection. On a general note an airhostess must have these qualities in them.

  1. The aspirant must be between 19 and 26 years of age.
  2. She must be at least 157.5 centimetres tall and her weight must be in proportion to her height as per the standards set by airlines.
  3. She must have perfect eye sight, must be unmarried and in perfect health.
  4. She must have a pleasing personality with a clear complexion and no scars and marks.
  5. She must be proficient in English, Hindi and one foreign language.
  6. She must have a diploma or a degree course in aviation and hospitality.
  7. The general qualities required in the aspirant are common sense, presence of mind to take the situation under control in emergencies and has to be patient, calm and well mannered.
  8. The aspirant has to pass a written test and a personal interview to qualify as an airhostess in a particular airline.

Air hostess salary in India

The remuneration or the salary of an air hostess is very good in India. An air hostess who works in an international airline has a better salary package than that of domestic in India. The starting salary of an airhostess in a domestic airline ranges from Rs 25000 to Rs 40000. After serving for four to five years the air hostess gets promoted as senior flight attendant and then head attendant and equivalent posts. She can also migrate to other departments of the airlines too. A senior air hostess of a domestic airline gets paid anywhere between Rs 50000 to 75,000. The starting salary in an international airline ranges from Rs 50000 to Rs 80000 and a senior air hostess can get a salary anywhere between Rs 80000 to Rs 200000.

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