Mobile handsets Modified on January 5th, 2011

Nokia C3 price in India

Nokia C3 is one of the most popular mobile phone in India. With enhanced features and competitive Nokia c3 price in India, this phone is very popular among youngsters. The C3 phone has a QWERTY keyboard making it an ideal messaging phone and robust WiFi connectivity making it a true mobile phone with reliable internet connectivity. The phone has eye catching metallic colors and is also slim in looks making it a style statement.

The C3 Nokia phone has features like managing email, chat, calendar and music with dedicated widgets on the mobile phones screen. Camera, music player are other regular features

The Nokia c3 price in India varies from state to state and city to city and also keeps on changing with demand and supply.

Tentative Nokia c3 price in India is in the range of Rs 5000 to 6000

Nokia C3 price in Mumbai is Rs 5500

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