Apple: The gravitational pull attracting consumers

According to a survey by Vocalabs with the objective of studying customer satisfaction, Apple was rated to have the most loyal consumer base.

Apple: The gravitational pull attracting consumers

Why is that Apple fans hardly ever think about switching to other brands? What makes the Apple fans rush to the stores the day before the launch of its new product and keep up that excitement all these years?   It was known from this poll that only 0.44% Apple users would ever consider opting for some other brand. The brand success that Apple has been enjoying is not just because of sheer luck. Years of effort in understanding the needs of the consumer have made it possible for this brand to retain its consumers.

Few reasons stating how Apple has accomplished in creating its own loyal fan base:

  • Apple fans are a group in themselves and have their own stores, which sets them apart from the crowd. Apple stores revamped the idea of a conventional store, which even allows its consumers to hang out and share their ideas with the fellow fans.
  • The multitude of Apple products complements each other making it possible for every consumer to have an Apple experience. While purchasing an Apple computer may not be possible for all, they may have their own iPad. This like for iPad may later make them opt for a laptop of the same brand.
  • Apple was not made in a day. Its voluminous research and their ability to strike the right note that has resulted in the Brand ‘Apple’ that we love to posses today.
  • With the use of one Apple product, the user is accustomed to the use of the other one that is introduced and it goes on. An apple user knows it well what he must expect from the next one. In a way, one Apple product does marketing for its other products. The variety of Apple products in different segments that it makes available to its consumers makes it difficult for them to even face the need to try other brands. Thus, the consumers are so much accustomed to Apple that loyalty comes very naturally in this process.
  • Apple is undoubtedly known for the quality it renders. It appeals to the consumer in all ways right from its looks to the user interface that it provides.

It’s Apple all the way for its consumers. Apple is known to have the most loyal consumer base with anyone hardly finding it necessary to switch to some other brand. This brand rightly gives the consumer what it needs and does not give any scope for complaints.

Written by Experts @Reliance Digital who has made special efforts to understand the branding of Apple, explicating the customer loyalty that it enjoys Reliance Digital is a multi- brand store displaying all the popular brands under one roof for its consumers. 

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