Different type of eye problems that children face

It is very difficult for a child to learn about the world without good vision.

Vision problems affect one in four school age children and one in 20 preschoolers. It is very necessary that children receive proper eye care since many vision problems start at an early age.

The other eye problems, which cannot be treated, can get worse and show the way to other serious problems as well as it can affect adjustment in school, personality and learning ability. Below, there are some of the eye problems mentioned.


It is an infection which is caused by virus and which leads to other problems like a watery discharge and redness in one or both eye. Bacterial conjunctivitis requires treatment wit antibiotics and it causes matting of the eyes with green or yellow discharge. This eye problem, which is caused by virus, can also create a red eye but the discharge is normally cloudy and watery. The symptoms of an upper respiratory tract infection usually accompany this type of infection such as cough and runny nose. And for this type of infection, no treatment is required. If we talk about allergic conjunctivitis, it can be caused by allergies in children especially with asthma or allergies which can cause red eyes, tearing, itching and swollen eyes. For this treatment, antihistamines or eye drops are needed.

Corneal abrasion

Corneal abrasion causes tearing, scratching the eye and having a foreign body in the eye cause pain and sensitivity to light and it. Your pediatrician can notice an abrasion by putting flurorescein drops in the eye and having a look with a special blue light. Treatment should be done with the help of antibiotic till the abrasion has cured. When the pupil will be over with abrasion, then the child should see ophthalmologist.


A stye is an eye problem, which produces a red swollen area on your child eyelid; it may be on the outside of the eyelid margin or inward. The treatment is done with the help of topical antibiotics and warm compresses.


Blepharitis is an eye problem, which causes irritation and redness in your eyes. The treatment is done with the help of a soft cloth and eyelid daily cleansing with no tear shampoo. Sometimes an antibiotic cream is also required.


When you feel that your child is having a swollen area on the eyelid and nodule, then it means your child is having chalazion. The treatment is done with the help of using warm compresses and it is to be used several times each day for several months and several weeks.


Dacryostenosis is an eye problem, which occurs, in newborn babies and it is cured by the time you baby is one year old. Persistent tearing in one or both eyes and matting of the eye can be caused by this eye problem. With the help of warm cloth, it can be wiped away. To open the duct, you can also softly try to give massage on the upper part of your nose. You may need an antibiotic if your baby has a lot of discharge to be wiped away or else you should see a doctor.

These are some of the eye problems that a child can face.

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  • Anil Bavkar

    I have 7 months Baby Boy, as on birth he have Eye problem such as Water continues coming to his eye, also he is red swollen area in eyelid. Please give me suggestion I showing to Eye specialist also he gave us cream as Zymar. But still problem is same.

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