Foods rich in calcium

Calcium is considered very useful and helpful mineral which is mostly found in dairy products and also in grains, fruits and vegetables. Everything that we take daily in our diet contains calcium which helps to build strong teeth and bones. The good thing about this mineral is that it fights against rickets, osteoporosis and blood clots. That is why it is important to have milk at least 2 times daily as it contains calcium which will make your bones stronger. If there will be lack of calcium then it can cause rickets to children and osteoporosis to adults. So, it is very important if you take enough of calcium in your daily diet.

Following is the food list which is rich in calcium

These 100 g of foods contains 300 mg of calcium, so it would be really beneficial to take these foods on a daily basis to have a healthy life.

Foods rich in calcium: Vegetables

In vegetables, green leafy vegetables are a good source of calcium. Other vegetables which are beneficial are drumstick leaves, turnip greens, curry leaves, beetroot greens, fenugreek leaves and lotus stems.

Foods rich in calcium: Milk products

To have milk products everyday are very important as it is an excellent source of calcium. Having milk shakes, low fat milk or non fat milk is very helpful. Other than milk products; there are some cereals and grains, fish which are also very good.

Foods rich in calcium: Spices

Coriander, asafetida, mustard seeds, cumin, cloves and oregano are a good source of calcium.

Other calcium rich foods

It would be really good if you check out the labels and the specific percentage given for calcium in the food. Different brands of the food have different percentage of calcium like bread, cheese and juice. Yogurt (plain) and fruit yogurt is also a very good source of calcium. Eggnog and Cheese including ricotta, cheddar cheese, American cheese and mozzarella cheese is very healthy.

You should always have food and snacks which contains calcium in breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here are the food items which can be taken in breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Calcium rich Breakfast

In breakfast, you can have hot chocolate milk, a cup of low fat yogurt with fresh fruits can be taken, and orange juice with vitamin D, fat free milk with oat meal in a bowl and a glass of chilled fat free milk can be taken.

Calcium rich Lunch

In lunch you can have sun dried tomato sandwich or grilled cheese. Tomato salad and fresh spinach with low fat mozzarella will work well. Instead of soda, a glass of fat free milk can be taken and grilled tuna or salmon with spinach.

Calcium rich Dinner

In the dinner, make a salad with leafy vegetables and dark green vegetables which is very good for your skin too. Stews, top salads and soups with low fat shredded cheese are also very good. Grilled fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel is very good as well as serve cooked dry beans, broccoli and green peas as a side dish.

Calcium rich Snacks

Snacks are the most important food which can be served anytime. Nuts, chocolate milk, pudding with fat free milk, fruits and vegetables can be dipped into the yogurt and string cheese can also be taken in snacks

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