Foods rich in zinc

Zinc is considered as one of the important mineral for our body as it is present in almost each and every cell.

It plays a very important role in our body. Like, zinc is responsible for the sexual maturation and proper growth of an individual. Not only zinc, but all the minerals play an essential role in the food items that we eat every day. Zinc will perform the necessary function in your body if you take a balanced diet with salads and fruits. There is a big list of foods that are rich in zinc like shellfish, brewer’s yeast, oysters, bran cereals, cashew nuts, pine nuts, pecan nuts, pork, beef, chicken, salmon etc.

Here is the detailed information of foods rich in zinc:

Food rich in zinc Shellfish

Shellfish is a good source of minerals, omega acids and proteins which has 20 mg of zinc which is more than advised by a doctor on a daily basis. Most of the shellfish is moderate in cholesterol and low in saturated fat which means that most of the shellfish is good for a healthy heart diet.

Food rich in zinc Cereals and nuts

Enriched cereals and all bran cereals are a good source of zinc. In every 100 g of pecan nuts, cashew nuts and pine nuts, there is 6 mg of zinc which is very good for a healthy diet. Parmesan cheese is also considered good which contains 5mg of zinc in every 100g of parmesan.

Food rich in zinc Oysters

Mainly, it is a source of pregnancy mineral which has 25 mg zinc in 100 g of oysters which is good enough for everyday. Oyster is considered as best in low-cholesterol diet .It is rich in carbohydrates, lipids and protein and a great source of selenium and it is said that both selenium and zinc are low in the modern nutrition. Four little medium size oysters provide magnesium, copper, iodine, iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus and manganese. Oysters are also called to be an outstanding source of vitamin D. When it is eaten raw on the half shell, then it is considered as the healthiest diet but since it may have bacteria so people suffered from impaired immune system, cancer and chronic liver disease should not eat raw oysters.

Food rich in zinc Brewer’s yeast

You should take brewer’s yeast if you are not that much fond of shellfish and oysters. In 100g of brewer’s yeast, it contains 17mg of zinc. When brewer’s yeast is taken as a dietary supplement, number of important minerals including vitamin B and zinc is provided to the body. When you plan to take brewer’s yeast then you should start with a small diet of it as it can cause acidic problems and gases. It might help you very nicely if you have nervousness, diabetes, high cholesterol, fatigue or hypoglycemia but of course it is important to consult to the doctor first and not to be taken on your own.

Dairy products and Non-vegan

If you are hard-core non-vegan then pork, beef, chicken, lobster are very useful and a good source of zinc. But if you are a hard-core vegan then you should go with dairy products like yogurt, cheese and milk which also once again a good source of zinc.

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