Mileage of Ford Figo

Ford Figo has gained the advantage of being a ford car. It has attracted the middle-income groups because of the look a luxury car and mileage of a budget car.

This is reason why Ford Figo has created a market for it very easily.

This is priced according to the Indian customers and their buying power but it offers international standards in terms of power and performance.

Mileage of Ford Figo: a review

According to the testing reports of Cardekho[dot]com Mileage of Ford Figo for Diesel models is 14.5 km/l in the city and 18.5Km/l on the highways. Similarly the mileage of the petrol models in city is 12.5 Km/l and on highway it is 15.5km/l. This website mentions the mileage and performance as its biggest plus point.

According to reviews on zigwheels[dot]com, Ford figo mileage in diesel is increased from 15 km/l to 17 km/l after the first service. According to their review this car would create its niche in the market of small and budget cars very easily.

The Mileage of ford figo petrol in cities like Delhi with Ac is approximately 12-13Km/L. This would also depend on the way you drive and how the route and roads on your way is.

As per the report on The Economic times on 9 March 2010 the company claims that the petrol model would give the average of more than 15 km/l and the diesel one should give around 20km/l. You can read more about this here.

According to auto.indiamart[dot]com this is a stylish car that would be loved by everyone specially the youth. According to them this is a common man’s car with uncommon style. They feel that this car is designed by keeping Indian roads and traffic in mind.

Ford Figo Mileage would also depend on the way you drive and other driving conditions like road, traffic etc. Mileage of Ford Figo would differ according to the cities you are driving in.

Thus we can say that the mileage of ford Figo petrol is about 12-15 Km/l and that of the diesel one is 15-18 Km/l, which may vary according to other driving conditions.

Ford Fig Mileage along with its on road price makes it a perfect car for middle class families.

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  • Vikram Chopra

    I have two Ford Figo Diesel (Titanium). The cars are very comfortable except for the mileage. Both cars are recording a mileage of 14 KMPL only.
    I wish I had bought the Punto

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