Honda Dio mileage

Honda Dio falling under the scooter category has brought a new meaning to the two wheeler segment. More and more automobile companies are now in the manufacturing of such gearless scooters.

Sales figures of such scooters are touching the sky as they are in great demand. More and more families are now opting to purchase gearless scooters in place of motorbikes as both men and women can drive it comfortably and easily. Honda Dio has recorded high sales figures and is being sold at a rapid speed. Powered by a 102 cc engine its structure is very different from a bike and doesn’t look like a heavy duty scooter that came in olden times. It has got a very compact design and is a lot more light weighted giving more comfort in handling. It is available in attractive shades which are black, misty pink metallic, geny grey metallic, candy Tahitian blue, moon yellow and guarau red.

Honda Dio mileage reviews

Mouthshut [dot] com says Honda Dio has come in the market with a huge bang after the success of Honda’s first scooter, Activa. It zips around the roads effortlessly and is cheaper to buy than motorbikes. Its head turning looks give it the required edge over other scooters. It has got those unconventional looks which attract the young generation greatly. The noise levels while the engine is working are pretty low and vibrations are also reduced to a great level. The mileage given by this four stroke scooter, Dio is pretty satisfactory. It falls anywhere between 40 to 50 kilometres per litre. The mileage can be maximised by driving this scooter in the economy range of its speed.

Infibeam [dot] com says the Honda Dio is a great vehicle with a reasonable price and is an ideal city commute for youngsters. It has great rev-up and acceleration. The powerful and sleek appearance is breath taking. The stylish aerodynamic, sleek, wedge design body seems great. The resin finish over fibre parts adds glamour to its look. The Dio goes to 70 kilometres per hour smoothly with minimal noise and vibrations. As far as its fuel efficiency goes, Honda Dio gives 50 kilometres per litre of mileage in the city.

Bikedekho [dot] com says Honda Dio has proven powertrain which is capable enough to mill 7 bhp at 7000 rpm and churns out a top torque of 7.8 Nm at 5500 rpm. The braking system and standard suspensions work efficiently. The best feature of Dio is its large compartment for storage. Honda Dio is wrapped with two tone seats that give a very comfortable drive on any kind of road. The panel and graphics are appealing too. The mileage delivered by Honda Dio is also very promising at 51.5 kilometres per litre in the city.

Honda Dio mileage: The final verdict

Honda Dio is definitely a successful scooter that has collected a large number of buyers for it. Looks, design, engine, price and performance all are worth praising, giving no scope for the users to repent. The mileage of Dio too is very impressive which falls between 45 to 55 kilometres per litre. In a nutshell, Honda Dio is true value for money.

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