How to apply kajal in eyes

Kajal is a product made from ground lead sulphide. It is black in colour and is used for application on the inside line of the lower part of the eye and even on the upper eyelid line of the eye.

Kajal is applied for a cooling effect and to make the eyes appear beautiful and attractive. Most women apply kajal and consider it an essential part of their makeup. The trend of applying kajal dates back to several years and has many medical benefits for many eye ailments too.

Kajal is easily available in a cosmetics store in varying quantities and forms. Kajal pencil is the most commonly used of them all. However kajal is also available in small boxes too. These days smudge proof and water proof kajal is also available in the market for the women to apply. Almost all cosmetic manufacturing companies manufacture kajal too.

In many households, kajal is made at home. It made by collecting soot from an oil lamp and mixing it with clarified butter. It is then cooled in the fridge and kept at room temperature thereafter. That’s it and the kajal is ready to be applied.

Now let us learn how to apply kajal effectively for not only the cooling effect but to make the eyes look very beautiful.

Guide on how to apply kajal in eyes

Given below is a step by step guide to explain how to apply kajal in eyes.

  • Wash your eyes thoroughly with cool water to make sure the eyes are clean before you start with the process. The water washes off all the dust particles from the upper and lower eyelashes. If the dust is not removed and directly the kajal is applied, it might irritate the eye.
  • Now apply moisturiser around the eyes in case there is dryness. If the area is oily apply some face powder after wiping off excess oil with a tissue.
  • Carefully pull down the lower eye lid to expose the inner lid line for you to apply kajal on.
  • Always try using the pencil kajal and not your hands for applying kajal. The tip of the pencil should be little on the blunt side and not too sharp to hurt the eyes.
  • Now drag the pencil as if drawing a line from the inner part of the eyelid to the outside.
  • For a darker effect, instead of putting pressure on the eyelid to draw a darker line, stroke the pencil several times from inner part to outer part to make the line darker.
  • If you feel hesitant using a pencil you can take some kajal on the tip of your finger. Make sure your hands are washed properly with a hand wash before you start with the process.
  • After taking the kajal on your finger tip, draw a line again in the similar manner as you would do with a pencil.
  • For a darker effect increase the quantity of kajal on the finger tip.
  • For a soft effect apply kajal only on the lower lid.
  • For a more dramatic and glamorous look apply kajal in the similar manner on the upper eyelash lid too.

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