How to make Ice Cream at Home

In the scorching heat of summers, when the temperature is soaring high, streets are breathing hot air and the sun shines mercilessly leaving everyone exhausted and feeling drained out there is nothing like having a scoop of fresh, freezing ice cream.

Ice cream is the most popular dessert all around the world and people prefer having it often to beat the heat and give a treat to their sweet tooth. What if we combine the happiness of having sweet cravings with health? It indeed sounds great! Here’s a cool way to prepare some mouth – watering cool ice cream combined with the goodness of fruits.

The first step: Ingredients required

First it is essential to gather all the ingredients at one place before starting off with its preparation. It is always wise to keep all the ingredients handy to avoid any confusion.

The ingredients to make fruit ice cream are as follows

  1. 1 cup of fruit pulp (any fruit pulp of your favourite fruit)
  2. 1/3rd cup of whipped cream
  3. 1/4th tea spoonful of vanilla sweetener
  4. Nuts and chocolate syrup for garnishing

 After having arranged all the ingredients we must follow the procedure of preparing fruit ice cream correctly to enjoy its delicious and cool taste.

The procedure to make ice cream at home

  • First mix the fruit pulp and all the other ingredients in a container.
  • Now blend them in a blender properly till you see no lumps.
  • After blending take out the mix and refrigerate it for 30-45 minutes and take it out. Make sure you don’t refrigerate beyond 45 minutes.
  • Repeat the same procedure of blending and again refrigerate it for the same duration as mentioned above.
  • By blending it again the ice cream will be whipped properly and will taste like the one you eat at your favourite parlour.
  •  The ice cream is now ready to be served. Take it out in a serving bowl and garnish with nuts and some chocolate syrup.

Finally, enjoy the ice cream without worrying about your health as your ice cream is fresh, home-made and contains the nutritional value of your favourite fruit!

3 comments to How to make Ice Cream at Home

  • Neha

    I was looking for how to make ice cream at home without ice cream maker. This one is perfect and simple recipe

  • Anup De

    If I follow this method, will it taste like the ice cream from Ice cream parlour? Though it is mentioned that ice cream made by this way will taste like the ice cream from Ice cream parlour.

    I mean, when I prepared ice cream long before at home it tasted like icy particles in it, I did not get that yummy taste.

  • kaviyarasu

    It is very glad to meet this website and awful to do ice creams

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