Increase metabolism by ayurveda


In simple words, metabolism means the rate of metabolism in which the calories are burnt. Those people who are overweighed have lower rate of metabolism and some of the people with less weight have higher rate of metabolism. Firstly you have to boost your metabolism to manage your weight. How the calories can be burnt by the body, depends upon many factors. It has been said by experts that men burns more calories while resting comparable to women.

The most important thing is that many changes should be made in your body in terms of metabolism.

Everyone wants to have a good metabolism and also to increase the rate of metabolism. There will be an increase in your energy and calories if you have a good metabolism. If you are looking forward to lose weight then firstly you have to increase the rate of metabolism which will help you in losing weight without cutting calories.

To increase the metabolism, doing exercises is the best. In summers, it can be done in the park or anywhere else and in the rainy season it can be done indoors. But nowadays hardly anybody takes out some time from a stressful life for doing exercises.

There are many ways by ayurveda to increase the metabolism

Sugar should be avoided

Sugar that is present in all soft drinks and sweets may damage your health. In short words it is not good for your health. You may have diabetes because of having excessive sugar. If you want to boost your metabolism, you have to keep this in mind that consuming sugar should be avoided.


You should take a balanced diet every day.Firstly it is important a plan a diet everyday and stick to it to increase metabolism.

Green tea

This is a good way to increase your metabolism. Drink green tea 2 times a day. It purifies your blood too.


Many people are not aware that breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it gives you energy for the whole day. So, never skip your breakfast. Always have it before going to school, college or office.

Avoid over eating

You should avoid over eating and try to eat in small amount which is required by the body. Always give a gap in your meals.

Energetic foods

Always try to eat energetic foods which surely help in increasing metabolism. Eat green vegetables, salad and fruits as much as you can.

Other than the above things, those things should be done which makes you sweat like aerobic exercises. Doing aerobic exercises every day will help in boosting metabolism so at least take some time for aerobic exercises. You can also join gym and give 30-45minutes to it. Avoid eating chips; instead always carry fruit in your bag, salad can be made of vegetables and fruits in the snacks time. Do remember that the best part to boost metabolism is to do different exercises in the early morning after getting up. Eat healthy and stay healthy.

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