Lipstick Side Effects

A decent looking “cosmetic” product is known as lipstick. For some reason girls wear them. Lip gloss and lip balms are the alternative to lipsticks. Generally, women wear it to look good without knowing its side effects.

The discoverers of water-resistant lipstick, foundation and eyeliner were the Sea hags. They were anxious to look awesome in seas of confusion and misery. They discovered black lipstick, black eyeliner and white foundation in their initial experiments. However, the combinations of these products were not successful. Therefore, they stopped making these kinds of products.

Due to death linked side-effects, women have reduced using lead based make-up in the last few centuries. When the mixture of the modern lipstick is made, it has a drug like effect, which makes the representatives and factory workers high.

Don’t get mislead by the glow; the lipstick which used to give a shinning look to you lips might have had a large amounts of lead …“Lead on lips can lead to Lead Toxicity”.

Lead is a soft toxic metal, and people has been pulling out and using it for over 8500 years. Nicander of Colophon, an Ancient Greek was the first to find out the lead toxicity in humans in 2000 BCE. Again in the 17th century it was noted by an unidentified scholar in Germany, that the monk’s who drank the sweet wine which had been sweetened by the Lead Sugar which is known by Litharge or Lead Acetate. It has developed Colic which has similar signs to Lead poisoning.

Just in the US, the yearly accounts for over 2 billion dollars with a yearly sales over 270 million individual lipsticks being sold.

It totally depends upon a person, how they are using the product and how many times they are using it. This statement is precisely correct for the average user who applies lipstick three times everyday for the last twenty years. If we calculate it would be round about 21600 times the consumer has exposed to the lead content in their body through the very thin layers applied on the lips.

Lead has one major problem that it is often stored in the bone marrow. It’s a free floating metal when goes in our body and it can be dangerous because it can imitate other important metals which the body uses like zinc, calcium and iron. It means that lead can bind and react with the proteins and molecules and cause a terrible effect. Now, the good news is that your body stores this safely in your bones till it has the space to do so. But, the bad news is that if you break a bone or become pregnant the lead is released into the body again. It is certainly a bad news for the pregnant women because lead has given some negative effects on the development of foetuses at a very low level.

Keeping this in mind with this example, if you use lipstick frequently, you should review the use of lipstick and may be bring it down to zero.

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